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Baby Shower??


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Aug 29, 2007
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Is anyone thinking/planning/ planned to have a baby shower party?

It is a UK thing, or more of a USA thing?

A couple of my friends have told me to have one, so that they can buy me things... but... not tooo sure IF i want to play party games, whilst sober....when everyone else is drunken. :shakehead: . or is that just me?

its an american thing, not quite sure how they work? any1 no?
I don't know anyone who has had one. Can't say it appeals to me either.
I told my sister and mum I wanted one but they laughed at me :(

I like the idea of getting together and havng a natter and getting useful presents - I am going to struggle to get everything I need as it is :(
I think you play games... like Pin the tail on the Donkey.. but its all 'baby-fied' e.g. Pin the Pin on the Nappy, and things like that....

balls to that - I just want the presents :lol:
Its an American thing.

Overrated IMHO. Defo not for me. I don't have that many close female friends I'd want to invite over to play games with and have presents from. OK, its nice to get small pressies for baby, but tbh I'd rather not go overboard and have a party pre birth.

Another excuse by companies for people to spend money :lol: :roll:
Id love a baby shower but as it isnt Big over here as it is in USA then Id feel rude for suggesting it...."Hey everyone come to my party and buy me stuff" :cheer: :rotfl: Hopefully is catches on soon as its a lovely idea...well I think so. I dont think Baby Showers are held with drinking in mind though hun :wink:

i would love to have one but i dont no anyone that i could invite
manda xx
We did one for my friend at the school I work at, so i'm bloomin hoping they'll all do one for me.. :rotfl:
we just all got together, in the afternoon, so no one was drinking, brought a dish of nibbles each and a present...then we sat around and gossiped and ate and watched my friend open her gifts...it was lovely!!! :D
I have to admit i have thought of having one for a few reasons
I miss my mates most our for my martial arts class and since ive stopped going i dont see as much of them. It would be nice to get everyone together for a natter. A sort of (dont forget me now im preggers thing) Ans yes i would be nice as i havnt been out as much i miss socialising pressies are nice too!!!!
But its not a big thing hear so i dont know how it would work
I'll give it some thought
I can think of nothing worse in the late stages of pregnancy than a party, especially one where I can't drink.
I'll be wrapped up in my duvet with a choccy bar instead :lol:

I've never known anyone to have a baby shower, I don't think it's really caught on over here yet.
I had one :D It was good fun and after we had a bbq and the others had a booze up to. I think it is something that we should do more here, its all good celebrating your little one and its much easier to do when they are in your tummy :)


my familys been doing it for ages we do 1 abt a month b4 the babys due to help with gift money and a good start 4 the baby i know a lot of british ppl who hav done it it is not american.
I hosted one for a friend last year, it was great fun. Everyone brought along nibbles and a pressie for her, we played a few games - pin the dummy on the baby, guess who (we each brought a baby photo and you had to guess who was who). I managed to make a nappy cake for her too (not as difficult as you think and looked fab!).
I would recommend it, we had a really good time!!
As for alcohol, although one or two were drinking not everyone was and no one missed out.
Why not have an afternoon tea party then there won't be any booze anyway!!
YoungMummy said:


my familys been doing it for ages we do 1 abt a month b4 the babys due to help with gift money and a good start 4 the baby i know a lot of british ppl who hav done it it is not american.

It is an import from the US. Its only in more recent years people have started to have them over here and its become a more commercial idea.

There is some info on Wiki about it all
We didn't play any games but at another i went to they played the nappy game...hilarious... disposible nappies are filled with different melted chocolate (snickers, bounty, etc) each of which has a different consistency....so looks like sh*te basically. U then have to sniff (or lick) and guess the choc bar.... grim but funny!!! :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
I hosted one for a really close friend of mine when she had her first baby. We played games and I did a small buffet and we all showered her with baby pressies. It was a nice evening and it was great for all the girls to get together before my friend was going to have less time on her hands.

The boys have their "wet the babies head" night out so a baby shower is a good excuse for a girly night!!!!!

I definitely would like one....and my mum and sister have said that they are doing one for me.
I think I will let certain people know.. that I might want one.. but not toooo many of the games.. Just food and Pressies :rotfl: Is that greedy? :lol:
And a glass of champers...

As for wetting the babies head.... but OH has the 9 months, after baby is born to do his part and stay in , stay sober and look after baby, whilst I go out and wet the babies head :cheer:

after reading this i might just have a couple of friends around for a bite to eat and catch up, any excuse for a gossip :D

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