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  • Only just noticed that you're having a brother or sister for B, and just wanted to say a big congratulations!!! xx
    Hi! Do you know I have only just seen the message you sent me! Sorry for appearing so rude! Yes we are due on the same date. At the minute it seems to be fast approaching but I bet the last couple of weeks will seem to slow down! How are you feeling? I'm starting to feel big and uncomfortable! x
    Dani Busby 28! Mc's really take their toll dont they! Tri one is scary enough without having exerianced mc's xx
    Everything is ok I think, I am just so so worried about everything after suffering two miscarriages. I can wait to be out of tri 1! How old are you and whats your name? xx
    Hehe! We are close! We will have to have a PF meet up when our bumps are bigger!!!!
    I'm from the west midlands, I've just googled Pembrokeshire and that's a bit of a distance lol. I'm hoping in tri 3 to arrange a get together with all the regulars who have gone through 1,2 and 3 together :) what do you think x
    Fingers crossed you have it will be awesome to go through the whole experience with :) where you from Hun x
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