Baby Brody's Here Too!


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Apr 7, 2005
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Whoa finally got home... such a long story here goes:

Went in at 10am to get induced, they broke my waters and we waited a while, had a few contractions but nothing realy happened so at about 5 pm they gave me the drip.

Started contracting nicely and relaxed for a bit in a rocking chair. Got up to use the loo at about 7, and as soon as I'd done the the contractions just kept coming thick and fast. I was examined and was told I was 5 cms. The midwife seemed really surprised how quick and strong the contractions were coming and I asked for an epidural at about 8.15

I was told the epidural would be 15 minutes so we waited and waited and then found out the woman was delayed so wouldn't be down yet to do it. I asked for the meptid, which I got at about 8.30.

I kept saying I wanted to push, but the midwife kept telling me the I wasn't far enough along, but I could try it if I wanted to.
A couple of contractions later and the baby's head began to crown!! I'd gone from 5 cms to 10 in about 40 minutes! The midwife was amazed!!
He was out in 2 pushes, at 8.54pm.... I couldn't believe it!

He was 8lb 2oz (we did know it was a boy hubby presumed you all knew, I think some of you did and some of you didn't!)

We settled down a bit and I was just looking forward to having a bath and going up to the ward when they examined me and said I'd got a third degree tear and would have to go into theatre (ouch!)

I needed a spinal, and was in theatre for about an hour, which was not painful, but not an experience I'd like to go through again.
Then, at 2am I was finally taken up to the ward.

I had to stay in for 2 nights, which I was really gutted about, they wanted me to stay in tonight aswell, but I really begged them to let me go, so they did in the end. Got home at about 7.30pm

Here's some pics!


Hey hey! Congratulations hun! And welcome Brody- how cute! What does your other little boy think of him?

Aww he is beautiful. Congratulations to you all. Glad you are home, no place like it.

Keep in touch and updated with new pics!

Take care xxxx :lol:
Congratulations and well done!
Another beautiful baby!

Congradulations on your baby, Brody is so cute, everyones having there babies ina row lol, this should be an interesting month.
Anyways im glad your doing well and finally home.
Take care

What a cute picture, they all have that slightly dazed look dont they!!! :lol:

Love to you all x
All these new babys! Congratulations Urchin and family :D
congratulations hun hes lovely xxxxxx
congratulations to you and your family

what a wonderful christmas pressie he is beautiful.


just to let you know we will keep your due now post going.

Awwwww he's gorgeous!! Congrats and WELL DONE! lovely birth story (except the tear) you must be so so so over the moon. I got tears in my eyes!!!

That's all of us now isn't it? End of the baby boom for a couple of weeks!!
Enjoy him :D
Congratulations urchin !!!

He is absolutely Gorgeous !!!! Love the name too !!!

Hope to see you around the forums when we are about more !!!

Love Ragna xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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