Chloe's birth story


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Jul 13, 2005
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Though I'd get this written up whle I'm not feeling like a zombie and the little ones asleep. Well, I had a sweep on Friday the 10th 5 days overdue and woke up around 6:30am Saturday with period pains every 5 minutes or so lasting about 30 seconds. I got up and left OH to sleep and see if the pains would stay or subside but by 12 they were still coming the same so we decided to go in to hospital to see if things were moving along or not. A midwife examined me about 1pm and said I was only 1cm so I went back home, she said to come back if the pains got any worse or my waters broke. We went back home and waited for my mom and sister to arrive (they live 4 hours away but wanted to come up for the birth), they turned up at about 8pm and we went for a strole around the block before going back into hospital. Was examined again by 2 midwives, one was still in training but she was lovely, and they confirmed I was still 1cm but my cervix was fully thinned down and ready so they kept me in overnight on the ward.

I was examined again after getting hardly any sleep due to contractions at 8am Sunday and was 4cm dilated, finally things were moving! OH, OH's parents, my mom and sister came back in and I managed to last until 3pm before going down to the delivery suite. Where I found out much to my disapointment that I was stll only 4-5cm dilated, the midwife got me on the gas and air and birthing ball and said she would check me again in 3 hours and if there still wasn't any change she would break my waters. Those 3 hours were the most fun I'd had all week merrily sucking away on the gas and air and bouncing around to songs on the radio lol. I had OH and my sister in with me at all times and they were both fantastic. So 3 hours later the midwife came back and guess what, still 4-5cm, so she broke my waters to find meconium in it. Arghhhh.

So from about 7pm I had to lay on the bed and be monitered until she was born, 9:30pm came and the midwives switched over, I was very happy to see I had the 2 midwives that saw me the night before. I was examined again and still no change so they put me onto a drip to help me dlate and a fluid drip as I was dehydrated. The contractions got alot worse after they put the drip in so I opted for a shot of pethadin which was pointless as I didn't feel hardly any pain relief from it at all. They switched the drip up twice in the next few hours and my contractions were becomng unbareable, I was sucking on the gas and air for dear life, crushing OH's fingers, while my sister gave me water in between contractions. That went on til about 2am Monday when I started to get the urge to push, the midwives wouldn't exmine me straight away as there were about 2 other ladies in labour who they thought would be delivering before me, but soon enough I couldn't stop myself pushing so they examined me and was fully dilated, finally!!!

She encouraged me to stand up for a few contractions to try and get baby's head down abit, 3 contractions later I was back on the bed ready to push and delivered her before the other ladies in about 6 contractions and afew very long pushes. OH, my sster and my mom were there for the birth and everything was lovely, they delivered her onto my chest all warm and gorgeous and pute some towels over her. I think that had to be the best cuddle I've ever had.


With Daddy:


Chloe is gorgeous. Sorry it sounded a long labour, you were like me. l had a 29 hour labour, though in the end l had to have a c-section.

You must be so proud! hows life being a parent?

Fluffy. xx :lol:
Adele she is gorgeous! you must be so proud.
awww she is gorgeous - well done! after a long labour... congratulations

Fantastic labour story, I agree that first cuddle is the best ever :D
Hi Adele
Think i spoke to you the day before she was born

She really is lovely


Love Laura

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