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  • Good good, yeah ano i am crapping myself sooo much if i thought about it too much i'd make myself ill lol. Won't be long til your LO is here either. :) its exciting isnt it, but the most terrifying thing ever lol. xxx
    Awww i love seeing 3d scans i always you tube them lol. Are you getting one? I always deleted people off my friends...half the people are just nosey *******s and want to spread my life to ex's and crap lol so i watch who i am adding now and after that lass writing that she hopes my baby dies she has been getting loads of people to add me off fake profiles and everything so i am always getting friend requests...and no friends in common lol. xx
    Only just got this...i never know when i have a notification lol. Its the 12th March...it can't come quick enough i REALLY can't wait lol! Hope your ok xxx
    Well I eased into food shopping by going proper shopping first lol then started in the clothes section of tesco :)

    Yeah I will bribe baby with chocolate before we go lol it was very good for the 12 week scan so hopefully it will be as good at the 20 week one

    Think I will have it at 26 weeks ish, gotta work out what day hubby will be off work that week before I can book it. Yeah we are getting the option 2 (I think) package, it's the one with the cd and long DVD, I think it's 179 at baby bond. I've ben looking at the photos online and they look so good, can't wait to get a look at little one
    Yeah I like watching rugby......especially when johnny wilkinson is playing :)

    I'm supposed to be doing food shopping this morning but I just don't feel like bothering lol I might see if I have something I can create dinner with so I can leave it another day

    Yeah tri 2 is so much easier, eating normally, not so tired, and much less worrying lol
    The hospital say they won't promise to tell you the sex, but if they can tell and you want to know then they will tell you.....so fingers crossed he/she co-operates with us that day and makes it clear lol

    I have been so tempted to go for an early one like you did, but I want to keep my money for my 3d scan, I'm trying to focus on how close the scan is now really lol
    Just started the weekend off nicely watching the rugby :)

    Im finding everything exciting at the moment, 20 week scan is 28th of feb so not much longer to wait really, when's yours? Will be another chance to see your little boy
    Oh I've never been in this bit before lol

    My days not been too bad, works been busy and a little bit stressfull due to the crappy courier company breaking things and not delivering ...but its the end of the day now so I dont have to think about it for a couple of days lol

    Yeah I looked up babybond after you said how good they were and it turns out there is one in the next town to us, got hubby to have a nosey earlier as its on his post round, its a couple of quid more for the scan we want but its a lot closer and free to park so I think it will work out the same. Now we just have to decide when we are going to have it and get the thing booked
    i know. i have the pic on my coffee table so just keep staring at it. just wish i knew whether it was a boy or girl. xxx
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