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advice on reasurance scans please


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Oct 10, 2007
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Well i've been readin all the posts on here and i think i'm going to ask for a reasurance scan as all i seem to be doing is worrying over every twinge and pain i have and its really effecting things at home as i'm looking at the bad in everything, not sleeping, picking fights with OH.

How do i go about booking one?
Who do i see?
How many weeks do i have to be to get a clear picture and to see for certain if everything is ok?
And how much do they cost?

Thanks i know its alot of questions but i want to know it all before i go demanding one to the wrong person ....lol
hi hun i found a local private scanning clininc for mine by looking on google, there isnt really much to see early on apart they will be able to see that it is in the right place and they may detect a heart beat at around 6 weeks +, it cost me about £70 for mine

I will be having one next time i get pregnant at around 8 weeks i think and i will be pushing it leaving it that long LOL!
Found a privite clinic near me but they have said the same, i'm better off waiting if i want to hear a heartbeat, so had a chat with OH and we've decided to not have one, enjot xmas with our family without worrying. xxx
probably the best chick, can hear the heart beat then which will be even better.
enjoy xmas and you will have something to look forward to when its over :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
Hi there, I went to see my DR who was able to refer me for a private scan. I then contacted the private clinic direct & booked myself in - only took a couple of days to fit me in.

I was just over 7 weeks at the time, so could just see a little egg yolk with a mega fasting beating which was (obviously) the heart.

I think mine cost £195 - but having been through 2 miscarriages it was worth it for my own piece of mind.

Also - just so you're prepared - at this early stage you'll probably need an internal scan....

Also I was told by my Dr that you only get a free/NHS early scan if you've had 3 or more miscarriages... which is why I opted for private!

Good luck hun.

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