did the docs treat a pg after mc any differently?


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Aug 28, 2006
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im really just wanting to know what to expect.

I can just about remember what happened when i had Alice at the beginning (blood tests, scans etc). Will they do anything different this time? if i ask for a scan to put my mind at rest will they do one? I really don't know how i could get to 12 weeks wondering if everything was ok...
Hi i had a missed miscarriage in feb and when i fell prgnant again in may i was very worried but they still would'nt give me an early scan or blood tests untill i started bleeding and sadly scan showed my baby had died so my 2nd missed miscarriage. I wish you all the best :hug:
i have had extra scans this time but not because they wanted to it was because ive been having a few problems, i had a late missed miscarriage in january and they didnt seem that bothered really. in so many words they said you have 4 other children and have had no problems with them so the m/c in january was just one of those things.
even though they said after my m/c that i should have extra scans if i have anymore children
I wasnt treated any differently.... still had to wait for 12wks for my scan

I wasn't treated any differently whatsoever. I could have paid for a private scan but opted to wait for the 12 week one and fortunately everything has been fine this time.

I think it does depend on how many m/cs you've had, and the duration of pregnancy etc but if it's the odd early one they just seem to put this down to one of those things.

Wishing you all the best with this one,

:hug: :hug:
The only way i got an early scan after my miscarriage was when i went in with tummy pains.
I wasn't treated any differently, I think it's because M/C's are so common and having one shouldn't predispose us for having another.

I chose to pay for two private early scans because I was so worried, I can appreciate your concern.
The mmedical treatment I had wasn't any different, although they have been doing the dating scan at 10 weeks here lately anyway.

However the medical staff were a lot more sensitive towards me and took their time to reassure me that all was ok.

I think in general the only difference is if you have had a number of miscarriages or if you are having issues (pains/spotting etc)
I only got a scan realy because i had some, pain, it does mean now i dont get a 12 weeks scan, either way it means a wait :hug:
I've had 3 miscarriages in the last year, one at 14 weeks with twins. I've been having tests and the consultant stated that when I next got pregnant I was to have a scan at 6 weeks . I will soon be 6 wks and I've relayed all this info to my doc and still no app. has been given. Its difficult not to feel cross when its something so important. :hug:
Can you get back in touch with the consultant?

Hope you can get it sorted out soon hun
ive just had a gp appointment as a follow up after my m/c 3 weeks ago. i asked her would i get treated differently next time i got pregnant she said no. i see why but 12 weeks is such a long time to sit a twiddle ur thumbs. how do you go about getting a dating scan? or how do other people manage scans before 12 weeks? x
I had 2 M/C's prior to having my beautiful baby boy.

When I was in the first Tri I asked about getting an early scan, but was told by the DR I hadn't had "enough" M/C's to qualify.... in Swindon I would need to have 3 MC's before an early scan would be considered.

I then opted to pay for a private scan, to put my mind at rest, as we all know that worry/stress in itself can be a cause for M/Cs. It cost me approx £200 - but was worth it to put my mind at rest. I had it done when I was about 7 weeks along.
I think we were so lucky with our GP and local Hospital as I miscarried at 6 weeks the first time and when I fell pregnant straight away after a clear month our GP asked whether we wanted a reassurance scan at 7 weeks and we jumped at the chance! As it happens we saw the same scanning lady at the Early Pregnancy Unit who had confirmed the miscarriage and she was delighted that we were the first couple back with a positive outcome at 7 weeks after a miscarriage which was really nice!!!
I had a m/c in Feb and they said then when I got pregnant again they would do an early reassurance scan. When I got pregnant again I rang the EPU and they booked me in for a scan at 8 weeks. I was treated really well there. I would get straight in touch with the EPU and speak to them - you don't need a referal from the doctors.
the general rule appears to be after o1misscarriage when your not pregnant your not treated any different, after 2 misscarriages when your pregnant again you can ask the local womens hospital emergancy room for a reasurance scan, if you have a 3rd misscarriage you have tests done to look for a reason why your having misses, during the next pregnancy your closely watched untill your 12 weeks regular scans) then after 12 weeks you book in the normal way have blood test etc and are closly moniterd,thats my emperience (am now 12 weeks pregnant) and i use to work in gyneacology and that was the way our hospital policy works, If you are unsure you can always contact your hospital or miscarriage clinic and ask to see someone about their hospital policy on misccariages work just for peace of mind.
Hope this helps
Pam x
p.s andreag is right you dont need a referal from the docs to go to the epu x
babydust said:
i think it depends really on your dr or your midwife my last few pregnancies i have had weekly scans from 5 wks right up to 12 weeks with this one but i asked my midwife if i could have a scan earlier than my 20 wk one as it seemed a long time to wait going from weekly scans to waiting 8 weeks, anyway i didnt think for a min she would agree but i just got an appointment through for a scan on mon :cheer:

although i have had 5 m/c they have always offered me reasurrance scans after my first m/c.

i think its a shame we arnt all offered this.

That must be amazing being able to watch bubs grow week by week! I had fortnightly scans from 29 weeks onwards with alice, and that was great, but it must be even more amazing at the beginning!

Im not sure how many have seen my posts in 1st tri. My gp ended up refering me due to pains and dizzyness. They found pea and a heartbeat. :)
The plan is for the next one to be my normal 12 week one.

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