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Apr 24, 2008
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I was just reading the post about the 4D scans and their resemblence with the babies once born. All the pics are gorgeous :D
I was just wondering how and when are these scans possible? Do you have to put in a special request for them? Or are they routine? Do you have to pay for them? If so, roughly how much do they cost? Thanks
As far as I'm aware it's a private thing, as in non hospital.. but I'm not 100% sure on that.

I got mine in Nottingham (http://www.windowtothewomb.co.uk) but they have ebay deals so because we went on a quiet day we got it cheaper. It was £75 I think, for a DVD, some printed photos and a photo CD of 75 pictures. It lasted about 20 minutes :) I forgot to mention the ideal time was meant to be 20-34 weeks I believe so you'll have to rush!

I also had mine done at " window to the womb" in nottingham.
It cost me £135, and worth every penny, i had mine done at 27 weeks pregnant
I got mine done at http://www.babyscanning.co.uk/ It was £190 but we got £70 back because it took 2 attempts as the first time I threw up during it and on the second one she was breech and they couldn't get any decents pics but we walked away with 2 DVDs and 4 pictures which we were very happy with as well as £70. :dance:
I had mine through baby premier (they're on web & easy to find) & we went to a local private hospital to have them done. Although i had to get in a daft position to get good pics of the baby i wouldnt have missed it for the world! baby premier recommends you have them done between 26 &32 weeks i think otherwise they think they might be too big/squashed to get a decent pic/dvd.

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