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Oct 2, 2005
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Hi girls

Had my reasurance scan to day and the nurse was lovely. She showed me everyting she found there was little mutterings about the foetal pole being small, and she was telling me how there was a sac part of me thought that she was trying to prepare me for the worst when the other one yelled oh no look its there, and they found a heart beat she then told me how my womb lining is looking great and showed us the heart beating but she said its to early to pick up the sound and that am not yet 6 weeks as the machine doesnt register things till about 6 weeks, the baby measures 2.2mm She then booked me for another reasurance scan for 2 weeks time and i told her i also have an appointment that week for the maternal foetal at risk centre and when i got home i had a message of the same nurse saying she had looked into my case and has booked me in for an antenatal appointment on the same day as my scan and changed my clininc and clinic day to a consultant that specializes in epilepsy during pregnancy and told me I will be at the hospital every other week. I cant believe the service i got from the nurse she really did go the extra mile for me. Two of the nursing assistants spoke to me before i went in to the scan as they remembered me from last time and were really nice.
Am so use to getting of the cuff service from the hospital that i was just completly amazed and really appreciated the help of the staff at the hospital.
Anyway sorry for my rambling I was just amazed by the level of care and concern and it is the first day i havent paniked too much.
(Although the boss at my current job hasnt helped and been putting pressure on me about when am coming back to work and when am I leaving for my new job feel like telling them to stick it)
thanks for reading
Pam x
Sweatheart, Thats great news, that everything is well so far and your being treeted so nicely!

I today had a check up at the hopstail and the midwife i saw was so lovely, we had a chat about last week etc and i just cant believe she cared so much.....
Hi charlieone
So sorry to hear of your loss, :hug:
It feels quite strange to have people who hardly know you care so much about what happens / happened to you doesnt it?
Am glad you had a nice midwife to chat to and the good thing that you will probably find is when your having your bad days and you feel people are expecting you to be "over it by now" which so many of my friends did you can always call them to talk to them as well as coming on here because people do care about you and what you have been through becuase they have been there or been through it with someone and the hospital (or at least i have found) understand that you need to talk somethimes.
Am sending you big hugs through this time if you need to chat you can always Pm me
Pam xx
Thanks Pam,

I have met so many amazing women on here, which has really helped me not feel like im alone and has really helped me come to terms with what im going thro....Its a little lonely at home, and hard to talk to family.... :cry:

:hug: :hug: :hug:
I know what you mean about talking to family thats why this place really is a god send. the day i found out was moving day so when i got to the new house my D/H had already text people to tell them so that they wouldnt ask questions and when i got there they where all smiles and no one really would speak to me about it i think there thoughts where if we dont mention it she will be ok I just wanted them all to go home but they insisted on helping but jollying me along at the same time, I could talk to D/H but all he wanted to do was make me feel better so I felt i couldnt let it out infront of him and bless him he was trying his best, i have learnt now though that if i want to cry am going to cry and if people get upset or uncomfortable well tough they can leave the room hehe. Familys try to help but its not always the way we want and the only way there gonna realise that you need tehm (especially partners) is if you tell them, i sat husband down and basically said "look am gonna cry from time to time and thats ok you dont have to or you can join me if you want but please dont try and make jokes it only makes me feel like i have to smile and i dont want to " and that helped and i did feel better sooner
all my thought and best wishes going out to you
Pam xx
So so glad your scan went well and that they were nice :hug: :hug:

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