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Mar 5, 2010
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Well its been 5 weeks since we found out that our baby had died and 4 weeks since the op and things are starting to get back to some sort of normality.

Still waiting for af but i know that I could be waiting a while, I wish it would hurry up as it would then feel like the end of the whole thing. We have decided to start trying again since it took us two and a half years to conceive last time we cant imagine that it would be any quicker this time.

Anyhoo the main reason for this thread is to say thankyou to everyone on here. I know I dont join in much but i always read it and I have found a great deal of support and reasurance from posts both past and present.

at first it felt like i was the only person going through this as no one in the family has any experience but through easing my self back onto this site I have realised that all my feelings are normal and it had been a great help reading everyone elses posts.

I thought that in time i might write my experience on here and who knows it might help someone else.

So once again thankyou to all you people that post questions and answers or just post how you are feeling as they really do help to give other people hope, a vital source of information and sometimes a chuckle along the way.

Thanks Nic :thanks::thanks::thanks::love::love::hug:
:wall2: oh got put this in the wrong place sorry it was meant to be in miscarriage and loss. :eh:

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