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A question about when you got BFP and when did you ovulate?


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Oct 1, 2007
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sorry girls im in the ttc section but i have a query, :) my cycle usually runs from 26-28 days tomorrow ill be on day 30 :pray: and still no sign of my AF ists NEVER late usually. This month was the first month that i had used ovulation kits etc as before i promised myself i wouldnt! i have the kits from ebay that if you get 2 lines your due to ovulate in the next 24-48 hours! Well i ovulated later than i thought i would on day 20 . Ok now im a couple days late have stinging nipples which iremember from my first pregnancy and also from the prenancy where i had mc but test shows BFN??? Is it possible that because i ovulated late it could show up late?? its weird i have no af pains or anything but still BFN !! xx
Fingers crossed you get a BFP, what I would do is wait a couple more days and do a PT again.

I did a test after I was a week late and got a BFP (I have on average a 28day cycle, but wasn't using ovulation kit so I don't know my Ovulation day), it might be that you are not releasing enough HCG yet to detect.

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Kate if you ov'd on cd20 the chances are you won't be due af til cd34 (14 day luteal phase) I ov on CD26-27 so my af doesn't come til CD41 ish! I'd wait til CD34 then test...
i had exactly the same thing. i didnt ovulate untill CD22. (1st timer using Ov kit also from Ebay) i waited and waited and waited as long as i could poissble bare and i think my Cycle was about 35days... well i holded out untill CD40 ( i have long cycles)...... so for you it would be CD33??? and i finallly tested and got my BFP on 1st Dec :p..... but my advice although its agony try and NOt test!!!!! i wad taste of blood in my moth, could not stop eating chocolate and was really emotional, lol

GOOD LUCK SWEETIE! fingers crossed x x x

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