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Dec 6, 2009
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A very good friend of mine text me yesterday to say how she had devastatingly started to miscarry at 7 weeks gone. She was bleeding lots and in pain... it was horrible. I didnt even know she was trying and she was meant to see her midwife this morning for her booking in appointment. :( Instead they had arranged for her to have a scan on the EPU to confirm her miscarriage. Her texts were so sad, she was heartbroken.

Her scan was at 10am this morning, and I was thinking of her all night. No one should have to go through the rollercoaster of emotions of getting a BFP and having it yanked away.

Around 11am this morning she text this:

"Well.....After all that they found a little baby clinging to the top of my womb measuring 7 weeks. Words cannot describe how pleased we are. I cannot believe it has survived the amount of blood I lost. Strong heartbeat, more blood to come so taking each day as it comes"

Incredible. Just goes to show how amazing our bodies are! She followed it with a piccie of her little peanut tucked right up there in the corner!

Thought I would share!

Aaww that is such a great, positive story! I'm so happy for ur friend. She must have a strong, determined little bean in there! Xx

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That's really lovely to hear something positive out of something so sad, Thanks for sharing ,xx
wow thats is fantastic and so close to my story with my daughter whome i was told i had misscarried at 9 weeks was that much blood and cervix open but no there she was on my scan no problems i was so relieved words cant explain im so happy for ur friend i realy am xxxxx
Ahhh thanks for sharing pudds , what a great outcome in the end

My own best mate is 7 ish weeks pregnant with her first baby, she sadly lost a baby at 11 weeks , 3 years ago and has been ttc all this time, she has had bleeding and we have been constantly texting about it, she has her epu early scan on tuesday next week to check all is well, this story has cheered me up XXX
fab news that ur friends bean is strong and determined xx
this gives so much hope to so many of us!!! xx thank you xxx
Thanks sharing this. I am 4 weeks and have started bleeding ( just blood in urine) mainly. Few spots on pad. Feel this means it's all over. Need to make appointment to get checked on Monday as out of hours was waste of time.
Such a great story :) So happy for your friend, really hope bean hangs in there! x x
what a great story, thankyou for sharing that with us xx
Just to add, when I was expecting my second son I was at the hospital for a growth scan when a lady I knew came in. She had recently found out she was expecting but had been bleeding heavily and getting bad cramps, she was convinced it was a miscarriage. As I was in with the midwife, she came out of the scan room opposite and bounced through my door - instead of being told she was miscarrying, she found out she was expecting perfectly healthy twins!!! She now has 2 gorgeous boys xx

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