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May 28, 2005
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Ok... get ready for this one. On 05/26/05 I went to Dr.s for PG test. It was (+) but very faint. I had an u/s on the 26th too. They couldn't see anything on the u/s so they sent me for bloodwork. Just for quantatative hCG. It was 42- not normal, so I went back in on Sunday just to see if it had increased, decreased or stayed the same. It was down to 36. Dr called and informed me I miscarried. They told me this on 05/29/05. I was completely devastated. I cried all day on Sunday. Then they told me that they needed to track that hCG back down to less than 5 to make sure everything was ok. Thursday, against my own will, I went to have bloodwork and called the Dr. for results at like 3pm and quantative hCG was UP to 114. For as far along as I am, this is a normal level, but I''ve had a tiny bit of discharge and bleeding?? Its really not blood, its like a light brown stringy stuff. I know TMI!! Just wondering if anyone has every heard of this. They are not ruling out eptopic pregnancy, but I have had ABSOLUTELY no pain... does this sound like anything normal to you?? Any post is much appreciated.
If your Hcg level is up then that must be a good sign.

The stuff you've been having, is it just when you go to the loo or constant?

What has the doctor said the next step is?

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