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Aug 22, 2007
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I am sure it is paranoia, but i am worried as i dont seem to have any symptoms.

i have no morning sickness etc, i feel a bit tired but work has been very busy & i just moved house...

to all the ladies who are further along than i am, when did you start to have symptoms?
hiya :)

tbh i've not really had much m/s felt abit sick from wks 6/7 but none before that and none now really. my boobs tho have been bigger right from start and sore thats never changed plus from about wk 7 been having AF pains in belly which i belive is stretching pains but don't seem to have them now. i've been lucky really. so in answer to your question for me syptoms started wks 6/7 :hug:
I didn't have any either! All I had were sore boobs which went around 13/14 weeks - just after the scan - so you begin to doubt if you are really pregnant! :rotfl: We are just lucky!
I have had sore boobs from last week with tiredness. Nausea from the week before. 2 nights ago I was sick (sorry if TMI), IT was great. A eureka moment lol

It is funny how much we want to feel rotten to know we are pregnant. Maybe we should feel great about feeling great lol
I worried too because I was really sick with my last pregnancy, but then I remembered it really didn't get bad until weeks 7-8. This time it hit me at about 6 weeks. It's still not as bad as last time, but I had a scan a couple days ago and everything looks good. Try not to worry, it will probably come in a couple of weeks or maybe you will be lucky and not have many at all. :hug:
I havent had many symptoms so far.

Sore bbs from about 4 weeks on and they are not as sore as they were 2 weeks ago. I was very tired from about 7 weeks on and that is just about subsiding now, Im still very forgetful but thats about it. No morning sickness.

Not sure with my first - quite early but it was totally unplanned and I didn't keep records of my periods, or understand much about my cycles in those days. With my 2nd I had mild symptoms until week 7 when they really hit; this time they took a turn for the worse just before I reached week 6, which of course was only a few days ago. Have rarely been physically sick, it's just that horrid dizzy, travel sickness type of feeling! I've found that I respond totally differently to foods and smells - things I normally love suddenly become a horrible thought!

I do know a couple of women who only had mild symptoms all the way through, yet I know someone else who got so ill with sickness that she was admitted to hospital!! It really does vary so much. Maybe you'll be lucky, or this time next week you could be throwing up everywhere!! Either way, all the best. :hug:
Symptoms come and go - i can't remember when i started getting morning sickness but at a guess i would say it was around week 6. Apart from that i haven't really had any symptoms and the m/s comes and goes. Its here one week and gone the next - try and relax because when m/s comes your way you will wish it didn't!
I worried about this too at your stage. By weeks 7-8 I felt nauseous all the time although I only :puke: a few times, my boobs were so swollen and sore they were agonising, and I was constantly tired.

The funny thing is once it starts your next question is when does it stop?

I still get a little nausea on and off now.
I didn't get any sickness, just felt dog rough. Symptoms weren't too intense, and probably didn't kick in till week 6/7 and I did have days when I felt completely normal.

Don't worry, its different for everyone.

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