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will this be ok??? (baby chair)


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Jan 10, 2007
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my dad brought us a baby chair/boucer the other day its from mothercare he got it second hand bless him but ive had a thought.
as we have already got a baby chair (zoo one with a play bar with toys) we dont really need two but this one lies flat and is really long and big (think its for an older child)
anyways my question is do you think if i lay it flat it would be ok for the baby to take naps in during the day as i dont wanna buy a moses basket just for that or use my carrycot from my pram.
it seems quite safe and you can put these little feet on it the other way round so it doesnt bouce or move :)
manda xx
If it lies flat then i dont see why not Manda.
thanks the both of you
just thought id ask others ideas on weather its ok or not.
saves me a few pennies :)
manda xx
If it lies totally flat I don't think it would be a problem either :D I wish I had your relatives, mine haven't bought the baby anything yet!
lol my dads been trying bless him he goes to alot of auctions so got the chair for £1 :D
and he got a stroller (graco) for £2 there was a baby changing unit that went for £7 he would of got it but wasnt sure if i liked them or not
manda xx
wow! He got some bargains there! :shock:

Auctions are good though, my FIL went to one when we moved into our house and got us 4 dining room chairs for £1!
oh he buys so mjuch crap lol
some of it is good stuff but some of the things he comes home with are just funny bless him. :)
manda xx
my bouncer lays totally flat too , but its say dont let them nap in it , but i cant see why not and if baby falls asleep in it , ill be laying it down and leaving him there ! christ we all survived lol
When they're asleep the last thing you want to do is wake them unless you really have to!

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