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Why is my cat doing this?


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Jan 15, 2007
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For the last few months my cat has been doing this strange thing- when he comes in the the cat-flap he will yowl until he finds us. This has only been happening since one weekend in July when a) our other cat passed away and b) Jake was born. I dont know if he feels like it soley his teratory now and announces his arrival (he is a very timid cat, he lets the other cats on our street push him around so to speak) or if he comes home and wants to know if Jake is alright. Once he finds us in the living room or upstairs he is OK and stops yowling. He doesnt really have anything to do with Jake though, finds him far too noisey :lol:
Not sure.

Our cat has been acting more strange recently, crying for attention and cuddles. It's as if he knows something is going on and wants re-assurance.
It sounds like his way of saying hello since his mate has gone. And he'll only settle once he's found you. If he quietens down once he knows where you are I'd say he is just lonely and looking for companionship. My guess is he is lonely and wants company from you.

Also is he neutered? Sometimes toms can get a bit noisy in their territory.
Sherlock said:
Also is he neutered? Sometimes toms can get a bit noisy in their territory.

Yeah, he is nutered. He was a rescue cat so was done before we got him.

Thanks xx
Its because the other cat has died... My MIL had two cats and one recently had to be put down because it just stopped eating... the other cat had the same problem but they managed to nurse him back to health... they had been together for 12 years and although he doesn't seem to morn his brother's passing, he has been more vocal and more clingy/cuddly. I think it's a security thing. Before the cat wasn't that bothered about going near MIL or FIL and would hide if we went round, but now he's out and meowing and demanding attention... it's very odd.

One of our cats pines for my DH too.. and won't stop until DH is home (Drives me spare)... He even knows the time at which DH is usually home... and pines non stop till he walks through the door.. is quite annoying is DH is a couple hours late home. Its definitely a security issue.. they feel insecure and will pine until they know that everyone is there and safe.

Cats are weird creatures tbh.


Now will someone please explain to me why cats INSIST on drinking the water out the toilet when clean fresh water is put down for them every day... What the hell is up with that ??????? :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall:

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