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When did you start weaning?


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Aug 17, 2006
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as the question says. Just curious as we are thinking about this at the mo...
I weaned both my babies at roughly just under 4 months. I felt they needed it.
We just started to do it (3 days ago). I just felt Daniel doesnt have enought.
We started around the time Ryan was 4 months.. we've not been at it for long but he was screaming for more after a breastfeed, so it moved onto one extra bottle a day and then progressed to one session of baby rice a day too.
We started weaning at 4 months (on the hv recommendation) as Poppy was breastfeeding frequently through the night and was starting to take an interest when we were eating food.
You just get a sense that your LO is interested in food, and so trying a taste, a spoonful, or some finger foods is a good way to see if they are interested. Isaac's never had baby rice as he never liked it, and he's only now properly being weaned, but I'm glad we sparked the interest early, I think it's helped his relaxed attitude to food, if somewhat opinionated at times :lol:
Oliver was 6lb 15oz when he was born but at 2 ish months old he would had a half a rusk here n there, but properly weaning him at 4 months
We've not started yet and DD is 22 1/2 weeks (just over 5 months) - she hasn't shown any interest yet and isn't a very hungry baby. I'm also keen to do baby led weaning and as far as I understand it, this is best started when your baby is weaned nearer 6 months old.
Valentine Xxx
We started Maddison recently because she was waking in night again for feed, since we started weaning she has slept through 8pm-8am again without waking :wink:
i started alice at 6 months, but she used to play with her food more than eat it to start with (we went down the BLW route).

after 6 months you don't have to worry as much about what they can and can't have.
With Jess we tried at 12 weeks (was advice then) but she didn't like so we waited till 18 weeks.
Aimee was 16 weeks cos she wouldn't drink milk and it was the only way to get any food in her.
Nathan was about 22 weeks. He loved his milk so I just left him as long as he was still satisfied.
i put 4-5 months.

we first gave millie a taste of solids at 17 weeks (4 months, just, i think?) but literally only a taste like one or two baby-spoonfuls a day and some days didnt bother.
first started giving her a proper meal a day at 5 months and only at 6 months iv started 3 meals a day
I started weaning Evan at 21 weeks on the advice of a HV (not my HV I may add) cuz he had lost weight. then when i took him back the following fornight for a weight check, it came to pass that the scales were broken so i didnt need to wean him early. I wanted to wait till 6 months .
I started Imogen at 14 weeks, she took great interset in adult food and cried when we ate and she didnt! I felt it was early, but for the first 2 weeks i gave her babyrice every couple of days once a day and when she hit 4 months I started her on jars and she loves them and no problems at all and loves her grub!
Personally I'd be upping her milk or trying hungrier baby milk, early weaning should be done as a last resort.
At around 4 months babies do go through growth spurts which a lot of mums think is a sign for weaning, when in fact it may pass after a few days.
DD I gave some food at 20 weeks but wasn't happy with my decision, so I then held her off and went mainly down the BLW route. DS was exclusively breastfed and always hungry, feeding 2-3 hourly day and night, sometimes feeding up to 6 times overnight. I tried him with food after considering the possible health risks at 18 weeks. He took it the first time I tried but from then onwards he refused so I offered him some every week or two to see how he got on. He really wasn't ready for it until he was 6 months, so although hunger wise he could have done with it, physically there was no way he wanted it.
We started Lydia at 5 and a half months.

Alex is still purely on breast milk. I don't want to wean him either until 5-6 months.
Kina said:
At around 4 months babies do go through growth spurts which a lot of mums think is a sign for weaning, when in fact it may pass after a few days.

This has definitely been my experience - or I have also misunderstood coming off and crying during feeds for signs for weaning, when it has actually been her teething.

Valentine Xxx

Kiara was weaned at 6 months and Kadyn is 6 and a half months and will not eat nething not even baby cereal :? so i put 6 months

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