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Nov 13, 2006
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Hiya Girls,

Well Ellie is now 3 months old im not thinking about weaning her yet dont worry but when would you say is the right time to wean her. As my friend started her little girl at 4 months but my sister didnt start my niece till she was 6 months? When did you start weaning? And also did you have any signs that weaning would be a good idea? Thnaks in advance Grace xx
I havn't started weaning Jake yet. I did try Jake with some food as I thought his waking in the night was because he was hungry but it turns out he was just teething. It has always been 4 months that you can start weaning but now they have changed it to 6 months. I think that the best thing to do is to start as late as possible depending on when your little one is showing the signs of needing more than milk. If your baby starts waking through the night after previously sleeping through or crying after a milk feed and there is nothing else wrong with them then you could maybe start weaning. If you arn't sure then speak to your Health Visitor.
Thanks that has helped alot i will definetly look out for those signs thanks again Gracexx
I started weaning Gabriella at 5 months.

She was showing different signs like waking more in the night and taking an interest in my food. She also had a period of time where she wasn't gaining much weight. I tried her on baby rice and she loved it and I am slowly introducing more tastes for her.

I think each baby is different and you should just look out for the signs.

I was so worried about weaning and was thinking how will I know but you just know!!!!!

Good luck :hug:
I just started weaning in the last few days. Leorah was teething so I gave her cold fruits to gum and she was really taken with them so as I planned to do baby lead weaning (skipping purees straight onto finger foods) I have been given her other bits. Her sign she was ready is that she was sitting on my lap while I was eating a plum the other day and the cheeky madam grabbed my hand and started sucking the plum :lol: I started by just putting her in a high chair at meal times with a spoon to play with and she started showing more and more interest. I was going to happily hold out until 7 months or more if she didn't show readiness, I think it will be obvious to you when your bubba is ready :D

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