when did you start weaning?


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May 11, 2011
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leandro is 15 weeks but hes already showing sign of wanting to eat. hes watching us when we eat dribbling loads and opens him mouth when we pretend to give it to him. so today we were eating melon and my oh cut a small chunk about the size of a sugar cube and mashed it up and gave it to him. he absolutely loved it. but now a bit worried hows hes going to be. is this too early? how old were all your babies when you started weaning or how old are you thinking of weaning? xxx
I personally think its too early. Kynon has been showing 'signs' for months but having read up lots Id rather wait until 6 months. He's not missed out and growing well still on 91st percentile on just breast milk so didn't see the point of rushing even tho he feeds every 2-3 hours! There are people who have weaned early on here though but def wait until 17 weeks so him tummy is properly developed, there's no rush!

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Yeah i wabted to feed him at 5 months but the already started when i was upstairs he seems to be ok so far but gonna keep an eye on him. So is 17 weeks when thier stomachs are properly developed? Xxx
I started weaning Jake at 4 months, I always go by calendar month and not weeks but anyway, reason I started early is because he spits up so much of his milk that he just wasn't getting enough, he started on 2 teaspoonfuls of baby porridge but now that he is 5 months he has some dinner too and he is doing really well, he really loves his dinners, if you are going to start early its best to wait until they are at least 4 months.
I admit I started weaning Angel at 17 weeks (4 months dead on) as I mis-read the signs of her being ready. But I've continued it because she is really enjoying it and became irritable when I stopped. I told HV about it and she said its fine, obviously everyone is encouraged to wait till 6 months and there's some foods which definitely aren't recommended till then but she said as long as she's digesting everything well and seems to be enjoying it its absolutely fine. But she did say never do it before 17 weeks if poss. She also said try not to increase the meals till as close to the 6 month mark as poss, shes just advised me to continue with her porridge for breakfast and because I'm only giving her 2-3 spoonfuls she's told me to up that slightly :) xx

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