when did you start weaning?


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Aug 25, 2007
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i was looking forward to start weaning theo (i didnt know much about it so i brought the gina ford book on weaning). i thought that you started from 4months + (as thats what all the baby rice ect says on it)... but this book says that it is best to hold out for as long as possible (closer to 6months the better)!
theo is quiet happy and fullfilled with his milk still and is putting on weight well...

so i just wondering... how old was ya little one when ya started weaning them???

thank you
6 Months is the recommended age so their body is mature enough to handle it.

I started Angel at 18 weeks. So about a month and a half early but i knew she was ready! She was hungry constantly, watching us eat and imitating us chew. She even licked her lips as she watched.

I felt a little guilty starting so soon but if you see her growth chart in her red book she has creating a lovely little curve directly under the average line! She maintained good weight gain and my HV is extremely chuffed with her.

I started her on rice but my HV told me it was a waste of money as it doesn't taste of anything so i put her straight onto veg! My food has never been fully pureed and she loves her lumps.

I have done the best thing by her and i'll never look back.
I started Lucy at 16 weeks. She had started waking in the night after sleeping through and was wanting bottles every 2 hours so I decided it was time. I started her on rice for first few days, then she had the fruit purees. She is now on about 4 6oz bottles a day and has food at all meal times, and sleeps through til about 9am every day!! :D
Im having the same problem as soulem had, so have started Ava this week. Theres little jars of hipp organic called first tastes, Have been giving her that at tea time. She still has the same amount of milk, about five 7-8 oz bottles a day. She's more settled at bedtime now & sleeps quite content till about 8am!
I started giving my son little bits at 5months and he was sort of interested but not enough to fully wean, i gave it a bit of a break and properly started at just over 6months and it made a hell of a difference he was more mature and ready for solids and finger foods.

Id suggest to wait until 6months. it will be alot easier for you and baby.
I weaned both my children at 16 weeks, they used to sit in their high chairs and drool while we were eating, stephen used to reach out and grab stuff off my plate and stuff it into his mouth, and Imo was very vocal about what she wanted would chew, lick her hands while we were eating. So weaned them. Both great eaters and have no regrets weaning as early as i did.
the world health authority advises that everyone waits until 6 months til weaning. there are good reasons for this and i wouldn't advise anyone to start sooner unless they had good reason. a recent study in the USA suggests that waiting til 10 months might even be advisable. if babies are happy on milk only, then i don't understand why anyone would want to wean unnecessarily (nappies, mess :puke: :lol: ) - there are far more calories in milk than solid food, and they get the bulk of their nutrition from milk until the age of about 1.

needless to say, i waited until 6 months (well, a week before :wink: )
We started at 5 months as Ella was well and truly ready. The guidance is to wait until 6 months, but in my opinion every baby is different and some need weaning sooner than this. You will know when your baby is ready, and as long as you don't start before 17 weeks I personally can't see anything wrong with this.
aww thank you girlies!
been really helpful.well theo seems more then happy on just his milk at the moment, he doesnt even drink the most that he can have (according to his milk/body weigh)
thank you x x x
I haven't started to wean yet and waiting until Maia is 6 month old so i can follow baby led weaning (see Beanie's baby led weaning blog thread in this section). She hasn't really shown many signs that she is ready. She will watch of eat for 30 seconds or so but then go back to playing she doesn't grab our food but just recently has started to make chewing motions. She did go through a phase of waking during the night at 5 months and i thought this could have been a sign she needed food but when i posted on here other people replied saying they had weaned because of night waking but it didn't help or improve. So i decided to hold off and her sleep went back to normal after 3 waking nights.

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