When did you start weaning?

i started giving riley puree apple at about 4months. more for his movements than anything else at that point.

then started giving him some dinners at about 5months

so ive ticked 4-5 months.
I haven't started weaning yet because DD hasn't really shown any signs.

She has been waking move in the night for the past few weeks but i think that's down to her being poorly ( as soon as i put her to the breast she falls back to sleep)

I'm going to wait until 5/6 months
ive just started over the past few days, as she was only going 2 hours in between bottles and she used to sleep through but was waking at 4am for a feed, i have just introduced baby rice and baby rusks and i cant believe how much she eats of it. she has 1 baby rusk with a teaspoon of baby rice to thicken it and she eats the lot in the morning and before bed and then has a 5oz bottle straight after, is this normal? she seems to be taking to it alot quicker than my first!


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