What's your routine?

Discussion in 'Baby & Toddler' started by laetitia85, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. laetitia85

    laetitia85 Well-Known Member

    Mar 30, 2007
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    Hi everyone, I was just wondering...
    What time do you wake up?

    What time do you wash baby?

    How often do you feed?

    When do you get the time to do housework?

    I know that it depends and it can't be the same everyday but what's your average routine?
  2. trixipaws

    trixipaws Well-Known Member

    Oct 13, 2006
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    when millie was as young as kenzo she didnt hav a routine- she would get up with us at 8am, go to bed with us at 12 midnight or 1am, and during the day just nap and BF all the time!

    she decided herself she was ready for a bedtime routine at 3 months- the signal was getting really grumpy and screamy in the evenings.

    for one month we had a baby who slept thru the night 7pm to 8am (with one nite-feed at 4ish) but she stopped this at 4 months!

    now, its:

    6.30pm- bath, BF, bed by 7pm
    midnight- i go to bed, BF then put her in cot, she wakes at about 3am and i bring her to our bed, latch her on and fall asleep with her feeding! she'll wake another time after that (i dont check time tho) and ill just put her on the other side then fall asleep again
    6am- millie wakes up and grizzles for an hour while i sorta half sleep
    7am- BF, change nappy
    7.30am- play while i get her breakfast ready
    8am- breakfast
    9am- play while i wash up, then put in carseat while i hav shower
    10am- go for a lil walk in pushchair, she'll often fall asleep halfway along journey
    11.30am- play while i get her lunch ready
    12pm- lunch, then probably nappy change
    1pm- play while i do some laundry
    1.30pm- BF, then nap
    3.30pm- get up, possibly change nappy, then play while i get her tea ready
    4pm- tea
    5pm- play while i come on here lol (tho often iv got my laptop on all day and pop on if i get a spare minute)
    5.30pm- my boyf comes home so play with daddy
    6.30pm- bath, BF, bed again!

    i dont really do much housework, apart from washin up & laundry
  3. valentine

    valentine Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2006
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    We didn't get into a routine really until DD was about 6-7 weeks old when she started to sleep through the night - before that I was all over the place. Now (5 months), she has a vague, rough routine - the bedtime routine is always the same and woe betide if we're home late or don't stick to that, but we just please ourselves during the day depending what we're doing (i.e. if she's been fed an hour ago and we're going out in the car and driving for a while then going to shops like today, I might give her a top up and nappy change before we leave etc etc).

    I know some people differ, but personally I think its really important to let a baby set their own routine as all babies are different.

    Vaguely, it goes like this, but is really chilled:-

    *Wakes up anytime between 6.30am-8am (went into own room just 3 days ago)
    *Breastfeed and nappy change then
    *Nap about 45 mins to 1 hour after waking for around 30 mins to an hour
    *Play on play mat/in bebepod seat/maybe a story/tummy time/dance with Mummy (if we're at home and not going anywhere)
    *Breastfeed around 12 noon
    *Would love to go for a walk around this time but for one reason or another (usually laziness), it often doesn't happen!
    *Play/housework (me), phone calls, check emails etc
    *Daddy comes home around 4pm and this is Daddy time
    *Nappy off time 5.30pm for kick about (we bring change mat through to living room, leave her vest on, take everything else off - she pees everywhere but just loves it)
    *Bath around 6pm
    *Baby massage and changed into vest and sleepsuit and grobag
    *Bedtime story in chair in her bedroom in low light
    *Breastfeed and bed by 6.30pm or 7pm (this isn't every night and she sometimes wakes up for another feed for 5 mins or so before 9pm, but then she'll generally sleep til morning - this is usual apart from growth spurt times).

    My lovely chilled out routine is about to be thrown up in the air by weaning though - eeek! I'll have to think about preparing food all the time and what to take with me when we go out - as a breastfeeding mum, I just take me, baby and some nappies at the moment!

    Your wee one will probably be feeding loads more than this at the moment and things will be a bit up in the air - this is totally normal, just go with the flow.

    Hope this helps you and Kenzo laetitia :hug:

    Valentine Xxx
  4. jayla's mummy

    jayla's mummy Well-Known Member

    Apr 28, 2007
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    oh gosh u ladies have such a better routine den me! da only routine i have is at bedtime and with her feeds (3-4 hours).
    jayla goes to bed at 10pm ( her dad comes in at 9.30pm) and wakes around 10am - she will go back to sleep after her bottle for about 30mins.
    she slleps when she wants in the daytime!
    she mostly plays in the daytime and we go for walks.
  5. NIE

    NIE Well-Known Member

    Apr 3, 2007
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    This is what we are doing at the moment.

    7am - 4oz bottle, washed and dressed.
    10am - 4oz bottle.
    1pm - 40z bottle.
    4pm - 4oz bottle.
    7.30pm - bath.
    8pm - 4oz bottle & sleep.
    12am - 4oz bottle & sleep.
    4am - 4oz bottle.

    We don't have set times during the day for sleep or play yet. We are trying Adam with 7 bottles a day which seems to be keeping him much more happy.

    It is still pretty much feed on demand during the day, but the routine is coming. :dance:
  6. BabyLove

    BabyLove Well-Known Member

    Jun 25, 2007
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    NIE Thats Almost The Exact Same As Lovella's "Routine" That Shes Got Herself Into.. Apart From That Shes Really Unsettled For 2 Hours Every Morning :)
  7. laetitia85

    laetitia85 Well-Known Member

    Mar 30, 2007
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    i admire you all... you all seem to have set times for everything.
    as of tomorrow i'll keep a record of all the feeding/bath times etc because right now i can't really say i have a 'routine' as such, i just go along with whatever Kenzo wants. thanks everyone :hug:
  8. Misslarue

    Misslarue Well-Known Member

    Jun 19, 2006
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    7am wake up, nappy change and bottle.
    7.30-8.30am play in cot while mummy half naps!
    9am brekkie
    9.30 bath and dress
    10.00 play
    11.00 sleep (I get washing on, house work done)
    1.00 lunch
    1.30 play/go out/do stuff
    3.00 Nap (I hoover and finish housework)
    4-5pm dinner
    6pm wash, bottle play with Dad
    7-9pm bed

    We never planned Dan's routine, he just did it himself. Works for us!
  9. eightball

    eightball Well-Known Member

    Dec 8, 2006
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    I didn't start a bedtime routine until 3 months and in the day the routine is based around the fact that ione will need a nap after she's been awake for nearly two hours.

    In terms of housework, I do some during one or two of her naps - but not a first, I used all those to sleep and I recommend you do the same!
    Also, if you bring their chair into the kitchen and do the laundry and washing up with them there, that can be enough to keep them amused - especially watching the washing machine!
    And it's good to get them under a play mat early, at first they don't stay under for long without shouting, but it gets longer and longer. Some mornings I put her straight in after feeding and changing and she'll stay there long enough for me to fix up my breakfast and (if I'm lucky) eat it too!!
  10. Redshoes

    Redshoes Well-Known Member

    Nov 6, 2006
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    Didn't have a routine with Isaac until he was about 5months old :lol:
    I got up when he said so, washed him when he was sick or poo'ed, or covered in finger foods mainly with just a small bowl of warm water and cotton wool, I didn't bath him lots, fed him when he asked for food, had no time for housework as when it wasn't Isaac time I was sleeping or on here :D We're getting there now though, slowly :lol:

    I have wrote down everything he's ever eaten, the date and times though, is that routinely? :rotfl:
  11. laetitia85

    laetitia85 Well-Known Member

    Mar 30, 2007
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    erm kind of!!!
  12. emma28

    emma28 Well-Known Member

    Jun 3, 2007
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    Abigail has been really content from day 1 (fingers crossed it lasts)

    She wakes up at 8am and has nappy, bottle, sleeps til...

    12noon, nappy, bottle, 'plays' under arch thing, stays awake for an hourish, nappy, sleeps til...

    4pm, nappy, bottle, long awake time, bath, oiled...

    8pm, bottle upstairs in dim light, nappy then swaddled into basket by 9pm

    4am, nappy and feed.

    She set this herself though really, and has stuck to it so far since she came. She also seems to want to have an extra oz or two between 4-9pm, guess she's storing up for through the night :cheer:

    Jonah has always been a really good sleeper too, they must take after me :oops:
  13. Snuggle

    Snuggle Well-Known Member

    Apr 16, 2005
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    Maddison has been in this routine since 10 weeks:-

    8:30am - wake, bottle, nappy change
    9:30am - nap, I get showered
    10.00am - playtime
    11:30am - changed into day clothes, bottle, nappy change
    midday - playtime
    2:30pm - bottle, nappy change
    3:00pm - nap, I make bottles, do dishes, washing etc
    5:00pm - baby rice, bottle, nappy change
    5:30pm - nap, we have tea
    6:30pm - bath (about 4 nights a week)
    7:00pm - into bed clothes, cuddles for half an hour, bedtime story
    7:30pm - bottle in nursery (dim lights)
    8:00pm - put down in cot and asleep within 2 mins :D
  14. evemarie8

    evemarie8 Well-Known Member

    Feb 16, 2007
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    Clark has just decided to set his own routine, we used to let him stay up with us uand sleep on our chests on the sofa but he started to rebel about 2 weeks ago and has now fallen into a great pattern which goes something like this:

    8.00am wakes for feed and change, then playtime
    9.30am nap
    10.30am wakes, change and play
    11am feed and change
    12 midday we ususally go somewhere even if its just the shops, before his next feed he will sleep in his pram
    2pm feed and change then play if we are home otherwise he is happy to be awake in his pram as long as its moving!
    4pm sleep, wherever he is he always crashes at this time!
    5pm wakes for feed and change, at this time he is really energetic and playful, especially when his daddy gets in at 6.30!!
    7.30pm bath
    8pm last bottle, book and cuddles from mommy who strugles to put him down.
    8.30ish bed!!

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