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Feb 5, 2011
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For those who have a nap/daytime routine for baby, do you wake them up? Not necessarily to feed but to keep the routine in place do you wake them? I don't have a nap routine for Angel at all but I'm now trying to put her down at the same time every day to keep it consistent, just wondering what everyone else does :) x
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I never wake him when he's asleep. When he's hungry he'll wake. I thunk it's important for them to wake themselves up

I don't wake I either but try and put him down same time lol but he is currently staring at me from his cot wide awake

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I used to leave mine to sleep as kong as they liked and they soon settled themselves into a little routine! It made me quite jealous thinking about it actually! K used to go down about 10.30-11, then wake about 12 for lunch and go back down again til about 2! If they fall asleep now I wake them after about 10 mins cos I know they won't sleep at night!
We've never woken Jack when he's sleeping. He usually only has an hour at 9-9.30am and then has up to 2hrs at 2pm before going to bed at 8pm. If you keep the start of the nap times consistant more often than not they will wake them selves up at roughly the same time. I suppose it's a bit like us waking up at the same time as our alarm clock even when we're not going to work?! x
I wake tegan from her nap but shes 17 months and if she sleeps past 4 pm she doesn't sleep at night x

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did briefly consider it as my lo has her long nap of the day in the morning which i would rather over lunchtime but decided just to let her wake whenever she wanted. we roughly follow the same times everyday though!

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