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We've had kittens,UPDATED NEW PICS!!!


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Mar 22, 2007
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My hubby phoned a while ago and asked if i had seen molly, so I put the phone down and went too look under Stephens bed aqnd sure enough she ws there with 4 kittens!

For her first litter she did well as they were all clean and she did everything properly!


She had 2 black and white ones, 1 ginger and white one and a white one with a black spot on its head.
Way to go molly :cheer: Clever puss!!!!

congrats!! :cheer:
I love kittens, my cat had 2 litters before I got her done. She was a pregnant stray when I got her and she got out ONCE before her op and got pregnant again, so be very careful!
Did you not know? Millie looked like she'd swallowed a football by the end!
No im not keeping them! 3 of them have homes already thanks to soppy women were Tommo works! There lovely though and have to move them later as she had them in the wrong place :x silly cat was meant to have them in the airing cupboard.

Im getting to be a pro at this now as my other cat rosie (mollys mum) has had a few litters too.

So dont panic at me moving them im a pro lol :rotfl: there so sweet though!!!!
mrs_tommo22 said:
So dont panic at me moving them im a pro lol :rotfl: there so sweet though!!!!

I did that so I could clean all the gook she'd left under my bed. My cat just moved them all back!!
Oh yes i knew she was pregnant a month ago when she just started to put weight on, she did look like she had swallowed a football too!!

Im glad there here though and tommo is looking forward to kitten fights!!!
Wish we could have kittens again... :( Our cats a) don't own the equipment and b) had their gon*ds chopped off :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: They little boys...
aww congrats! But i have a complaint.....

not enough pics! MORE CUTE PICS PLEASE!!! :lol: X
I will get some close ups when she is more settled and post them for all to see.
awwwwww bless! i love kittens! congrats molly on ur new arrivals!
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww................. They are soooooooo cute!!
i love ginger kittens the best.

your kittens are all adorable XXXXX
Aww how cute! :D

I remember when my cat had her kitten on my bed about 6 years ago.
Yes, hopefully she will not have any accidents before i book her op but she needs to wean the babies first.

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