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May 25, 2007
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Now that I have started Mat leave I planned to walk 45 mins - 1 hour every day (I was walking 2-3 days a week anyway but was too tired after work most of the time). I have just been to the beach for 50 mins but I have to say it wasn't terrible easy. I did enjoy the walk but felt intermittent pains/stretching/heaviness/hip pain/needing to pee etc etc - am i being unrealistic or should this walking be possible until the end.
dont go pushing yourself.. go a few times a week when you feel up to it...i wouldnt go walking for an hour.. perhaps 20-30 mins...
:shock: i cant even walk from the bus stop to my house (5minWalk) without getting warn out and out of breath :rotfl:
I am trying to do some walking most days too but need to go really slow and it isn't that comfy sometimes. Makes me feel like I really need to wee :oops:
You go for it if it feels OK :clap: but I'd start slow, maybe just 20 mins. I haven't been able to walk since September with SPD, which started after I had a couple of days overdoing it. Walking is fine for me while I'm going but I feel the pain later in the day or the next morning.

Cycling is better as it's non-weight-bearing but if you're not used to it or worried about changed centre of balance then stick to the bikes in the gym!

Maybe consider tying a scarf under your bump as extra support?

Glad you've still got loads of energy!! it's supposed to make for an easier labour if you can keep up activity!
i did a walk me and OH normally do the other day and physically could not get back up a small hill, i suddenly got bad pains in my belly so i'm just swimming now.

Good for you if you can manage it though, wish i could! :D
i still do a bit of jogging, which ive been told i can. Its good to stay fit up untill labour she said, makes it so much easier. Hey if paula radcliffe can do it :lol:

After that i get pains in the pelvis area. midwife just said its ligaments and is normal. It stops after a few days and Just carry on unless i feel pains in the womb then maybe see her or ask her about it.
Take things easy. You will be more tired some days than others.

I have found walking very difficult throughout my pregnancy and limited the amout of walking I did to no more than 30 mins at a time.

Hopefully you won't suffer mobility probs like I have, so keep up the walking for as long as you can and feel comfortable.
i have been active until the past week and have stopped now really due to medical reasons more then anything else. Everyone is different. Also walking on sand is very draining and more demanding then working on a hard surface. Although i imagine it looks lively ( i love the beach in winter) maybe change to a footpath instead.

Tegala-7thMarch08 said:
:shock: i cant even walk from the bus stop to my house (5minWalk) without getting warn out and out of breath :rotfl:

Im the same, I cant even walk up the stairs :rotfl:
Id love to be able to walk, just getting round the house is a pain. I cant wait for this SPD thing to be gone so i can actually move around again.

Good for you though but like others have said take it easy at first.
I've been told not to walk more than 15 minutes in a go.. then to have a little break... something to eat or drink because my blood sugar drops dangerously low.

Saying that I live on the second floor with no lift and walk up and down that a couple of times a day so really that's my fill.. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
Walking anything more than about 15 minutes is a killer for me now at 27 weeks so I hate to think what I am going to be like by 30-35 weeks. :shock: :shock:
i used to walk the dog every morning for 35 mins.. its now my DH's job... i gave it up about 2 weeks ago as i was completly knackered by the end of it... and had to stop several times on the walk to rest..... even though i had done it for a long... i didn't want to over tire myself

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