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  • Hi Petra, I hope you do not mind me messaging you. I was reading one of your posts about Metformin, and wondered if you could help me with a few questions about it?
    You mentioned you were taking it last year I think. Did you fall pregnant whilst taking them and if so did your doctor advise you to stop taking them during the pregnancy?
    Only reason why I ask is I am taking them have been since september, due to being PCOS and have been TTC for a long time, I think I may be pregnant and wanted to know if I should stop taking them.
    Any advice/details would be really appreciated.
    I will speak to my doctor but as its a weekend I wanted some advice now before I can get through to them on Monday.

    Kind regards and all the best for the New Year,
    awwwww im so glad you are well,hows your little man! he must be approaching 1 by now??? the time passes so quickly! x
    Hi hunny, you have the right person. I was also wondering how you were. I had no clue about new forum änd thought I lost all my pals. Speak soon xxxx
    hi petra! i *think* you were pregnant with your little man when i was pregnant with mine! i joined the new forum when this one went down but often wondered how you were both getting on! hope you are enjoying being a mummy if i have the right person! lol xxxx
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