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Discussion in 'Pregnancy After Loss' started by Aprilxxx, Nov 22, 2018.

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    Aug 7, 2018
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    Hi girls,

    So long story short I’ve had two miscarriages this year. My most recent was a mmc and it was in the summer.

    But I need advice,
    My boyfriend and I decided not to actively try again until after Christmas. We are birth emotionally exhausted...me especially. We are supposed to be using protection but we haven’t been at all.
    My cycle has obviously been all over the place. I’ve had no one month period, two periods in one month, waited for 6 weeks another.

    This month we have had lots of sex. So it’s more than likely we would of been active around the time I was ovulating even if I didn’t know I was.
    I so desperately would love to be pregnant again but I will really struggle over Christmas. It would just feel like I couldn’t let loose on Xmas new year and it’s my boyfriends birthday. The reason I would feel like this every pregnancy ends in miscarriage so far for me. How can I enjoy myself worrying about my baby? I’ve also built NYE up and made a big fuss on how I can’t wait for it so I can start fresh...I am even throwing a party.
    With my cycle being so off I could not test until after Christmas but ....what if I am pregnant and I drink and hurt my baby? What if I’m not pregnant and have another long cycle?

    Wow it’s so much to think about.
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    I also had a mmc in the summer and I had another mmc and early mc before my daughter..the way I see it is until you have two pink lines just enjoy your life. If you do get pregnant then it’s not necessarily going to end in mc, like I said I had 2 before my daughter, sometimes it’s 3rd time lucky. Good luck xx
  3. miamia

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    Aug 3, 2015
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    I would recommend you to see your doc to discuss your situation. There are too many reasons why a woman might experience mcs, it might be even stress or poor sperm quality. There are many solutions that might increase your chances of getting pregnant, such as changes of lifestyle, proper diet or even IVF PGS NGS in more complex situations. Good luck with yr journey

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