TTC 17 months after depo- faint line on preg test


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Aug 6, 2008
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Hello, this is my first post! I am 28 and had my last depo injection March 2007. My first period came in early april 2007. Since then I have had a bit of spotting and very light irregular periods. We are trying to get pregnant and I did two First Response tests yesterday which showed a very very faint pink line at 3 minutes. It seemed to disappear after about 20 minutes. I did another one this am and couldnt see anything.

Went to doc this am who said that I shouldn't try to get pregnant until my cycle is regular. When it is regular, if I am not pregnant in a year, come back. She would not do a blood test to check. She said there is no point in trying to time intercourse with irregular periods.

What do you make of this? There was def a very very faint line, even have a photo to prove it.

Help. I don't know if I can just go on trying for another year to see what happens before going back to the doctor...
Hi, do you know how many days past ovulation you are? Maybe you could either get a clearblue digi test(these can detect pregnancy 4 days before your period is due) or test again in a couple of days. Good luck :hug:
ooh good luck definitely do a digi and then you will know either way. a line is a line as they say :pray:
i dont know how many DPO I am due to my regular cycles but my ovaries feel really sore and I need to pee all the time... Just worried as faint line only showed on 2 tests out of 3 (The third was the following morning after I did the first 2 tests).

Tx for the support. I felt so down after going to the doctors.
Depo can be a bitch, especially when you come off it to TTC.
It took me nine months to concieve and had only just started to get my periods back to norm.
Also apparently the docs wont do anything till two years has gone by since the depo :(

Have you tried charting your cycle and working out if and when you are ovulating. I started to do this not long before i concieved.

If you got a line hun try a digi test or wait a few days and test again.

Good Luck hun xx
I too would suggest a digi....

If they were just evaps I would try charting, its also worth getting some cheapie OPK's from ebay.... good luck xx
Thanks for all your help! I think I have given up on a BFP but am trying to be positive that it won't take another decade to get pregnant after depo...

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