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travel system


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Apr 12, 2007
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anyone ever used the britax verve buggy and costy tot premium as a travel system together.... if so.. the connectors supplied with the buggy to put the car seat on the chassis... any idea how to fit them to the car seat... ???
http://www.baby-kit.co.uk/product_info. ... anguage=en

you can take the buggy part off the chasi and put the car seat on to the chasi.. usually there are gaps in the car seat and buggy part and locks that lock weither to the chasi.. if that makes sence.. they will come with the locks n that.. and you cant take them off the car seat or buggy.. so dont worry.. when is it arriving?
i got them both last week... we took them out of the boxes yesterday.. we managed to get the buggy seat off the chassis... but the connectors supplied with the chassis don't seem to fit the seat.... or we can't find where they go... we;ve fitted the part to the chassis ok.. but not the seat.... they are both britax products..... i was thinking of calling britax just to double check they go together..... (on their website it says they do)......
did you get them new? they should come with instructions..the car seat faces you by the way so the baby looks at you..
yes.. we got instructions with it... just the pics are quite small to see how the connectors work.......

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