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the walking dead


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Jul 13, 2011
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new season is coming soooooon 16th october :yay:

anyone else mega excited!!
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ooo corinne yay a zombie fan! :yay:
We love this too :D
We got the first 2 seasons and watched a complete marathon not too long ago, think we watched 2 or 3 every evening after baby had gone to bed
Yay I love it , still in shock thou try killed Shane off x
Omg I am a huuuuuuggggggeeeee fan!! I love anything with zombies lol. Can't wait till it starts - what channel is it on?
Mega excited! How on earth did I miss this post?! I didn't realise it started on 16th! Woohoo!! My telly viewing in October is awesome! xx
ahaha we watch it tooooo haha!! what channel is it.... no doubt well record it on the 16th and watch it the day after.....MY BIRTHDAY X
Gutted :( it's on fx and we don't have it
Guess we'll be downloading it then
I caught up with it yesterday, it didn't disappoint :) can't wait for the next episode.
omg it was amazeballs wasnt it!!!

does anyone else have a crush on the redneck!!!!!! :blush:
omg it was amazeballs wasnt it!!!

does anyone else have a crush on the redneck!!!!!! :blush:

Absolutely! Although if he gets with that stupid woman I will not be impressed lol
Gah I know!!! I hope he doesn't that would be so gross!

He could fire his crossbow at me ANY time :rofl:

:whistle: Fapatalking :whistle:
Has anyone seen Fridays episode , I can't believe that the fella from season 1 is alive xxxx
I watched it last night, always knew he'd turn up again lol
not to sure what to make of the heads in fishtanks though

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