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  • Hi Hun! Sorry to hear she's got to have an xray, hopefully it will be nothing! It's better they check them tho! The x ray itself is dead straightforward, you have to take their nappy off so they can get a good pic, but it takes seconds! Depending on the hosp, they'll either see you straight after or you might have a bit of a wait! What I would advise tho is to take someone with you! I didn't as it expected it to be nothing and basically got sat down a d told yes she has a problem, she needs an operation, you'll get letter! Honestly tho, if she does have it, its not as bad as it seems! Kids are so adaptable they just get on with it! If you have a google for the steps website, they're a charity that help with lower limb problems and there's loads of info! God I've rambled a bit! Any more questions tho hun, you now where I am! I know how scary and daunting it is! Oh and somewhere in kids health, I've done a couple of threads about our story xxx
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