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side view*here is my birth video..13th/14th november 2002..

my only responce would be ..A: thanks.. and B: about you being 1st.. must be a sign lol...
Well done.

Thanks for sharing it with us all :hug:

Not long to go now until you do it all again
you were pretty calm :D Did you just have gas and air?
had pethadine the night before.. and just gas n air.. amazing stuff tbh.. and i wanted to share it with you all as the ask a mum section and what was the pain like post seems pretty scary.. and well i was 18 when i had charlotte.. and it wasnt that bad.. lol..
Really, that is good going. Thats the first birth i've watched thats not been a hypnobirth. Thanks for sharing it. You have given me a bit more confidence.
Aww, that's lovely!

I felt for you when they were taking ages to wrap her and you were flapping your hands like 'give her here!!'

I remember that desire to hold your baby when they're faffing about!

Thanks for sharing :D
Awww - I can't believe this is the second morning in a row that I've been in tears before the school run! :roll:

Well done Lisa and thanks for letting us see it :D
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thats sooo sweet, you shud start a birth video section!!!

Awww again!!!!!!
Ah that was so lovely I was in tears, dont help me being so broody at the mo though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
omg that was so lovely! made me cry. thankyou for sharing :D I think that will definately give alot of people more confidence, I know it has me! well done lisa :wink:
omg lis thats ace!
me and my mum have just watched it haha
u make it look so easy!!!
well done and thanks for sharing :D
wow such a great video
and you do make it look so easy :)
well done
manda xx
All i can say is aaaaawwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!

I coldnt hear on the video what she weighed though? Was she tiny after all?

Lovely to see it, thank you!
thanks so much for sharing that with us lis, its an amnazing video! well done.

kinda scary to know that'll be me in a few months time :shock: but exciting too, i cant wait even more now! bring on the pain, i can take it lol

thanks again x :hug:
Very dignified Lis, good job. Brings a lump to your throat!!!
lol.. thanks everyone at the scan 3 weeks before they predicted her weight at 8lb 2.. and she was 7lb 10 born we were all expecting her to be massive...

i forgot to say when im laying there with my legs on the midwifes shoulders.. her head is out for ages and i didnt get a pain to push again for agggeesss.. and the damn mws wouldnt give her to me even though i asked for her straight onto me.. hummff..
aww lovely...i had to stop myself from crying...grrr hormones!!!

Even though the memories came flooding back and i was like oh shoot i gotta do that again lol!!!!!

Fantastic video lisa, thank you v much for sharing :) nearly had me in tears hehe :hug:

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