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Sainburys Cheapie.....


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Aug 25, 2007
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i have really Irregular AF's and well its been 40days since 1st day of AF..........
just used a Sainsbury Cheapy and.....

BFP!!!!!! :dance: :cheer: :D :shock:

i cant believe it. i came out the bathroom and went to OH. IM PREGNANT waving my Pee'y stick around!

now i feel sick, have seriously sweaty armpits and cold clammy hands... did i mention i feel sick! OMG OMG OMG i cant quite believe it! i had to take a picture of it on my mob incase i wake up and it was alll just a dream!

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! loads of baby dust for you all x x x x x
CONGRATZ hun wot a lovly xmas pressie have a H+H pregnancy :) :dance:
Congratulations! That's good news! :clap:
Hope it all goes well!
I find that quite encouraging as I also have irregular AFs and have no idea when I ovulate - doc told me yesterday not to POAS etc and just to BD every 2-3 days. Is that what you did?
All the best!
Congrulations hun ! Happy and healthy nine months :hug: :dance:
Congratulations :cheer: You must be the first December BFP :D
Thank you everyone! i am still in total disbeliefe! i cant ... wow crazy!

i reply to Kmac question...

i used Ebay cheapy Ov sticks. i worked out when i would be most fertile at 28day cycle... and started tested 2days before that date and carried on everyday at 6pm untill i got that little red line.... when i resisted doing hpt untill i was 16dpo and was checking my CP..... well it was the first month i tried this method and result!!!!!! best Xmas pressie ever!

good luck girlies! love to you all x

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