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Mar 8, 2006
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I posted this in reply to someone else post but realised id put quite a comprehensive list up so thought id make a new topic so more people would see it and maybe could gain help off it, or add their ideas to it or even correct mine? Maybe it could be made a sticky? I know there is a breastfeeding support thread already but it would just get lost in the pages :).

If you cant get the drugs to relactate then you can try the herbal remedies, a good one is

I had to relactate because breastfeeding was getting very hard and i stopped for about 8 days and my milk supply dropped right down.

Firstly I hired a double breast pump from medela its the one i used when we were readmitted into hospital and i find it very good ... actina.php the one i got was the lactina electric plus. Its £45 for the first 10 days and thereafter £30 per month, they give you a pack with attachment tubes, milk storage bottle, feeding cup, some general spares for the pump, and obviously the suction things (dont know what they are called, but the things you would put on your breasts) and all this you get to keep and you also get to take off and keep the rotor arm (the yellow part) so it can be used as a hand pump aswell, you only need to send back the pump (which they send a courier free of charge to deliver next day and pick up at a date of your choice)

I then put Jakob to the breast whenever he asked, if he wanted to suck for comfort id still put him to the breast because all the extra time he was on my breasts i would start producing more milk. I would express every 3 hours, for about 20-30 minutes.

I bought a sling so that i could carry Jakob close to me when i was out and about because the closeness of your child helps to produce the hormones that make your milk, so buy or even hire a sling 1 is not too big or too old to put in a sling (i mean proper natrual slings that toddlers can sit in, not the small baby ones in the shops).

Take nice warm baths and hold warm flannels on your chest as this also stimulates milk flow, there is also certain massages you can do to help you will find alot of info on

Finally drink lots of water as you really really need the fluid to make your milk, i cant stress this one enough though i should really stress it to myself more when i am too busy and forget to stop and look after my self for a minute. eat lots of oats (thanks beanie) and make sure you are eating well, all 3 meals a day, try and get as much sleep as possible (i know its hard with a child, but nap when they do etc, it really helps) i cant really speak as i dont remember the last time i had a proper sleep lol.

Cassi x

Edit: Im sorry i just realised this is general can a mod please move it to the feeding and nutrition section. Thanks :)

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