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placental abruption


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Oct 2, 2007
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hi has anyone ever experienced placental abruption?
i lost my baby at 21wks due to that condition and had another m/c in oct but that they wont investigate coz i wasnt to far gone.
just wondering if other ladies experienced or have any advice regarding the subject. i wanna try again but so scared its gonna happen again
hey hun :hug: :hug:

I havent experienced what you went through with placenta abruption so cant give you much advice there, but i lost at 22 weeks a couple of months ago so know how hard that must be for you also lost at nearly 4 months.

I wasnt given any real tests aapart from post mortems till now, and i am currently waiting to see a genetic specialist for more tests, like you i do want to try again in the future but im too scared to i couldnt survive if it happened again, i have to look forward and think positive that it wont happen again, but you will have more regular checks and scans to keep ensuring everything is ok, when you do have another baby.

Just take things slowly, you have been through a lot and i hope you have the support of doctors etc to support you through when you have a little one, im sure it will all be ok.

Im sorry im not much helps its all still raw for me at the moment but if you ever need to talk about anything then please PM me hun anytime you want to, i really mean that xx :hug: :hug:
My brother and SIL lost their baby at 34 weeks due to placental abruption.

He was born alive, but would never have survived without being on life support, so it was kinder to let him go. We had three days with him.

A very very sad time for the whole family.

Things would have been different if the hospital had reacted quicker to my SIL's terrible pains and bleeding, but sadly this wasn't the case and our little angel was taken from us.


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