scared its happening again =[ HELP =[


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Sep 27, 2007
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took a preg test yesterday but it was neg =[ not ttc exactly so cnt b 2 sad but mostly confused!!

still have all these symptoms though -
had a weird period last month was light and only lasted 4 days n was on and off
feeling sick and was sick this morning and evening
need a wee all the time and went just about every hour today
boobs hurt every now and again
butterflies in my stomach every now and again especially wen i lie down
sore back and cramps sometimes
my cervix is really high and soft lol
wee smells weird and so does my discharge lol thats about know what to think!!

but just this afternoon iv been spotting, not very much but enough! anyone know what this can be?? period not due for another week n a bit so cnt be that! any advice or ideas?? pregnant?? miscarriage?? HELP!! am scared incaes its a m/c again because i had one in july and although it wasnt like this i am scared! although i think its nothing and im impatient so if im preg i wanna no! lol! HELP thanks xxxx
:hug: I wish our bodies could talk to us eh?

How many days into your cycle are you and is it regular usually? I guess it could be implantation bleeding but I don't know- is it bright red or kind of pinky/browny as when I had breakthrough bleeding with Mel at implantation it was like a period that never came on if you see what I mean and I had it at about day 21 of a 24 day cycle.

If it's not coming up as a test as a positive then I doubt it would be a miscarriage as you would have had a positive first and then the hormones sat around for a bit I think. Even with a chemical miscarriage (as I understand it) you get a positive- when my friend had one she tested, got a BFP and then AF turned up the next day but your situation doesn't sound like that.

So....I guess it could be
a) implantation bleeding- which could happen before you get a BFP
b) a random bit of spotting (I think Skairdykat on the TTC board gets this a few days before her AF so some women get this)
c) the beginning of an early AF

anyone else think of other options?

:hug: Hope it all becomes clear, and obviously I hope it's really good news hun :hug:
Sorry to hear you sound so distressed how is the bleed now?

I would suggest going to a and e or the EPU in your local hospital and tell them u tested preg but now ur bleeding, you dont need to tell them dates...

If they say just wait say u wanted to have bloods taken to see if ur hormones are increasing and tell that that you are stressed because of last time.

All the best i hope it works out...
thanks guys
is pinky brown n kinda light but enough if u no wot i mean!
im sure it is nothin like u guys r sayin but i just freaked coz im only just startin 2 cope with the last m/c and i cant face another one...not eva!! thanks n il keep u posted?? xx

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