how long shall i wait?


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Oct 2, 2007
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hi, im feeling a bit low today thought id ask you ladies for advice.
i had d&c on monday and been bleeding since. how long is this bleeding gonna last? and how long til i get my period?
the reason being i kind of wanna try again for a baby.
i have a 3yr old and iv had 2 miscarriages so far in march at 20weeks and last week at 3mnths. feel kind of scared of trying really dont wana go thru dat again. i keep thinking its gonna happen again.
my OH suggests we wait till after xmas to let my body get back to normal coz i spent good part of this year being pregnant.
i dont know what to do, i dont want to wait but i feel if i get preg to quick maybe my body wont be able to take it.
any advice appreciated.
sorry to hear you're feeling low hun, I'm afraid I can't give you any advice on the d & c bleeding as I've never had one, but with regards to trying again there's loads of conflicting opinions.

For example, I've read a lot that I shouldn't try (after ectopic) for around 3 months, but my Dr said in my circumstances it would be ok to try after my first period. It really does depend on circumstance, and how you're feeling. I'd seek the advice of a Dr - preferably a gynaecologist. My GP was pretty rubbish at anything to do with this! Despite having your notes right there in front of them, I do tend to find that GPs give generic "safe" advice about stuff like this.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help

you should try when you and your partner feel ready...

I do think though, and i hope no one minds me saying this, is that after early m/c (i think later differs...) ttc is part of the healing process is that makes sense.

I had a d and c last month and just got my first period so hopefully with hubbys agreement we can try again asap...

Im so sorry about your losses the later you lose the harder it must be :(

Didn't have a D&C but I spoke to several health profs - the mw who did the scan advised me to wait until I'd had a couple of normal cycles (I think this was more to get over the emotional effects); the doc said after one normal cycle. I had other probs (an infected finger that needed an op) so although we continued unprotected immediately, didn't seriously try until the 2nd cycle.

From what I've heard, and read on the net I'd say when you feel that you're ready really. I did read somewhere that many women don't ovulate in the weeks after a m/c but there again some do, and things can get back to normal in a very short space of time, especially after an early m/c. I think you've got to weigh up how you're feeling both physically and emotionally and take it from there.

Best of luck

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