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Aug 5, 2006
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Sorry if this is a delicate subject but I am slowly going around the bend.
I was 6 weeks preg last week, spotting with cramps on mondy night. sent to hosp for scan on tuesday but couldnt see anything as bowel in the way.
3 hcg levels, first 2 high (2220, 2790) last one fell to 500. Hosp told me yesterday that i will miscarry over this week and to go to hosp on friday for more bloods to check levels gone back to 0.
was wondering how long it takes to happen, i wasnt offered d&c, just told to sit tight and see what happens. the hosp have been a bit of a nightmare with me all week and very unwilling to give answers to any questions, just looking for some advice if anyone has had similar experience.
bxox :oops:

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss & what you are going through :hug:

I've sort of been in your situation regarding the levels. Only mine wouldn't go down at first (longer story).

From your first levels down to 500 to me indicates your levels are dropping nice & quick & hopefully by next Friday you will be able to gain some normality. I think I found back & forth was driving me more round the twist & as soon as my levels reached 0 I could cry & greive over our situation alot better.

Im so sorry, its rotten the hospital cant be a bit more appreciative of how you need to know things.
thanks guys. couldnt believe it when came offline, it has started. very teary now, sore and just want to curl up and for it all to be over.
i will be ok soon i hope, just spoke to my manager so dont need to worry about work, they have been great this week which helps.
bf making dinner, hes been great too.
thanks again, i will stop waffling now and let you get back to your weekend.
I'm so pleased you have some understanding from your work & of course more importantly some love & TLC from your OH.

Waffle & rant as much as you need & want to.

x :hug:

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