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Jul 7, 2007
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I've just been back to the doctors and i am being referred for Physio for SPD. Mind you I have to sort out the referral myself??

All I did yesterday was light house work and spent the afternoon wrapping christmas presents and by last night i could hardly turn over in bed my lower back was really painful.

So now i am on sick again for the third week running and it's not really getting any better. I have just had a little walk around Mothercare and I have the most awful pain in my left hip at the back!
My GP has told me to call my community midwife and explain and ask for a referral. I am just waiting for them to call me back.
aww you poor thing.
i hope physio will help you with it
manda xx
Babylicious said:
yeah thats what they did with me.

Oh thats OK then. I thought it was unusual for the doctor not to refer me.
some do some don't :hug: :hug: Make sure they mark you as urgent or you'll be waiting ages
Well, the midwife hasn't even called me back. I left a message with the receptionist and they haven't rang. :wall:
I had to chase mine up after a week too. I have my pelvic pain class this Friday.

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