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Mar 6, 2010
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Hey ladies been doing opks for the.second cycle now. Last month I only got faint ones but, right thats what happened. This month on saturday I got a very dark test line...... Darker than the control line so we dtd sat sun mon... I tried again today and its really faint again........ What does this mean in terms of fertile times........

Like I.said I thought month was a positive opk until I saw this months...... X

Thanks in advance xx
I find they are fairly light until just before a surge, goes darker and then lighter a few days later x
Thats what I found this month..... Q:) does thww light faint kine now mean,im becing unfertile iyswim xx
When they're lighter they aren't detecting a lot of the LH hormone which is needed for you to ovulate so yes, when they're light, you're not fertile but when they are getting darker to at their darkest, you're fertile. They get lighter again once the fertile period is over.

x x
i usualy got faint line on cd 13 then got darker cd14 and as the day went bk darker and darker n then cd 15 lighter n by cd16 gone x
Thanks ladies thats really helpful.... I say it again this whole ttc malarky is confuaasing x
hey love

lines fading after your surge (+opk) is totes normal.

for some people it varies from 2-3 days - after you get your first +opk this should mean that you would OV 24-36 hours after so this is the perfect time to BD :)

luck xxx

i just wanted to say that i had the same problemas you a few months back. The first month of using opks i didnt get a positive, the second month i got a really strong line stronger than the control line...and every month after that they have been harder to read. On my tests now i get a light test line that has 1 dark side, if that makes sense!. So 1 side looks positive the other doesn't!

I got fed up of trying to work them out so got some clearblue digi opks to back up the cheapies. And that odd shaded line was my positive after all, as i got my smilie on my digi opk!

If your finding it hard to work them out you could use another brand opk until your confident reading your cheapies?!

I've taken the guess work out completely and have started to use the fertility monitor!! So much easier!! lol

Good luck x x x

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