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  • Hi how are you and your little one doing. My son is ok. Just still very restless at night. Wakes up every 2hrs still. Its so exhausting. He will be 10 weeks tomorrow
    Yes! I think it's was the count house! It's massive....we sat in the vault which was pretty cool.

    Yeah, I say Oban, but we actually stay in Taynauilt then drive up to visit. Ganarvan sands are there and the doggies love it. It's just bliss there...

    I saw your bump photos.... How beautiful! You look fab. How long left do you have to go now? My sister in law has gone in today to be induced....gonna be an aunty for the first time so I'm super excited. Waiting on texts etc for updates.

    Was it the Count House in George Square? I didnt even know that used to be a bank but makes sense. I've been in there a couple times its huge.

    I like everything to be fair. Love old rock too love pink Floyd, and more punky bands like offspring, Nirvana too but actually anything that sounds good. Day to day hip hop although recently I've been right into my imogen heap stuff again as she's quite chill and quite different.

    That's good August is normally good weather too. We usually get nice weather in July Aug but actually today was nice then now it's breezey but still mild for here. Scotland is good for peace unless your staying in the city but I note you go to Oban?

    Ha ha... Yeah, manchesters not too shabby. I do enjoy living here. Guess we're lucky to have the option of your end to visit and stay.
    Glad you cleared up they are hip hop artists - would have had to google! Ha ha.... I'm a more electric 80s/Rock kinda girl...but aware how different they are.
    There are some good spots in Manchester....hidden gems.

    When we visited Glasgow, we drank in the Pot still? I think...earn, can't remember the names of the others. One was a weather spoons that was once a bank. Pretty cool.

    We're planning an August visit, so fingers crossed we'll have good weather again. This time we're coming without the dogs, so we can properly explore - eat out etc. Love the dogs, but they do limit you

    Hi! You're so lucky where you live...we try to get up there as soon as we can (work and funds permitting). Loved Glasgow also...actually preferred it to Edinburgh. So who did you come see in Manchester then? x
    emmm aye ok, a bit sick and tired this morning but nothing unusual haha! how are you? still no AF? finding it hard to come on here at night as im so tired lol! xxx
    lmfao, spanish is very sexy, if thats what it is? I like a guy who speaks spanish or french lol. I dont know what it means though?!
    Ummm no you didnt tell me love. Yeah just about finished work its 5pm here :) Have you read about Golden Dragon :9 such a shame Ive been in tears all day! Go to Trimmy 2 and read it I sent a wee prayer and some love.
    He dreamt we had a baby, I think I told you this already, sorry if sound like a parrot repeating myself. So I am going to hold on to that hope. You're probably getting ready to go home for the day huh..Its barely 11 am over here.
    uff yeah, guys have that attitude, I think its kind of a male pride thing and us ladies are seen as baby machines! david said to me this month he thought I was so heres hoping your OH is right! although I dismissed it - didnt wanna jinx it.
    Fine trying not to ss, seeing as I am only 5 dpo! My dh is convinced he has impregnated me LOL arrogant isnt he!
    Yeah ok thanks, tired tbh. Just at work plodding along - belly is rumbling like mad cant wait to get home and have dinner lol! How bout you love? xxx
    Yeah fine, AF didnt show up AS PRESUMED lol, but I took a test on 14DPO and it was negative so I have left it at that just now am far to busy for everything else lol! Im fulltime here in work then I go home and obviously have to deal with the flat. My house flooded the guy downstair from me last week so I have to get a new bathroom installed which is good :) no doubt more work for me..

    Foot pedal is for when I type. I press in the pedal and it plays the dictation and I type it. so due to the ball of my foot and toe being unbearable it is hard to press down on the pedal and type..

    Would you believe my thermo still hasnt came ? I am gunna just buy one from Lloyds. AF hasnt showed up yet so I have a couple of days probably as I have no symptoms just sore boobies ;) lolol xxxx
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