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Noisey sleeper


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Apr 5, 2007
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Hi Ladies My LO Jessica is a reallly noisey sleeper. In her sleep she makes loads of squeaks and squeals in her sleep and is often so loud that it can keep us awake. She does it most of the night every night. Any one else have a noisey sleeper? Also does anyone have any idea why shes making noises? Thank you in advance for any replys xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Yeah Jack was like this, loads of gurgling sounds and just sounds in general :wall: i found it reall hard to sleep after his night feeds but now he's in his own room and it is bliss :cheer:
Tom was SO noisy when he was little. He kept me awake all the time with his snuffling and grunting. They grow out of it though and now he is super-silent. xx
The other night (around 1am!) I'd just put the baby down after a feed and he was breathing heavily, my hubby was snoring his head off and I head another noise which was the CAT snoring on the landing!!! :rotfl:
Yep, my little Jess (great name, huh? lol!) was also a very noisy sleeper! It used to keep me up at night, but hearing her noises was also very reassuring, if you know what I mean. My LO grew out of the noises at about 2 months, she now only snores.

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