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Apr 12, 2010
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Is anyone else's baby a light sleeper? Jovan flinches at the smallest sound and this is affecting his sleep cycle (and mine lol!). In the day he rarely sleeps and catches 15/20 mins here and there. He will only sleep on my chest and as soon as i put him down in his basket he's wide awake. He's fine during the night.

Any tips to make him sleep better during the day? Is lavender oil ok to use for baby's, and more importantly does it work?
Charley used to be like that. He would only sleep for 20-30mins. I know it sounds strange but during the day, make noise while he sleeps! They get used to sleeping with noise going on around them. I can now Hoover with charley asleep in the same room and he doesn't wake up and he now also sleeps for 1-2hours!
I don't know about the lavender oil but just wanted to say Lizzie is exactly the same, she has to have been sleeping on my chest for at least 20 minutes before I try to move her otherwise she jumps and wakes herself up! I find it easier if she's swaddled in a really thick blanket as she's then a solid lump to move about if that makes sense?
Swaddling only worked the first 2 weeks, he now only sleeps with his hands out of the blanket as he sometimes sucks his finger for comfort. Will try the background noise, it will b hard work!
Isla is the same during the day. She will fall asleep on
me but as soon as I transfer her to her basket, she'll wake up 5 mins later.

Mind you, she settles herself to sleep now which is great so I don't mind what happens in the day so
much now.

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