Day and Night confusion?


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Aug 18, 2011
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Hi ladies,

Just wondered if anyone had any tips on getting LO out of the routine of being awake all night and sleeping all day?

She's such a deep sleeper that she doesn't wake up even when she's picked up! We have had loads of visitors and she's never even flinched when they have been holding her etc.

Any advice would be fantastic and much appreciated!!

L xxx
She's still only very little hun so I wouldn't expect too much on that front.

I put my LO to bed at 10.30 and today she has slept until 3.30. Before 10.30 she has an hour of play/crying and bath where I strip her naked and let her wriggle about on the changing mat before she has her bath.

Then she gets fed and dressed for bed at burping time. A bit more on the boob and she's usually asleep. Sometimes she only goes to 1am, 2am etc but that is what we do every night. Keep it quiet at night time to encourage sleep/relaxing. No lights on etc
Thanks Tor! I'll try get her into some sort of routine! Xxx

We managed it pretty quickly. From
About 8 pm we didn't talk to him at all just let him feed and sleep on a pillow on my lap then would take him in with me at 9 and feed and he'd be asleep by 10. In the day time we'd talk to him give him cuddles etc

Same as the other girls. At night we keep it dark and quiet, and in the morning we open all the curtains and talk to her. I also change her clothes first thing in the morning and right before bed, and she only gets swaddled at night.

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