Desperate for hlep with sleeping


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Jan 8, 2007
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Spud is a nightmare sleeper, has been since 4 months - put this down to the growth spurt but shes 6 months in a few days and its no better.

She falls asleep about 7.30pm, gets her last bottle at 9pm...gets put in her cot awake and settles with her lightshow no probs.

But, she wakes at around 3-4am every morning and starts moaning and crying, its not a hunger or pain cry just a whingy one.she might drop off again for 10 mins then wake and cry..this goes on until i give in and get up with her around 5ish, as soon as i put her in her bouncer she drops off immediately and sleeps soundly for another hour and a half when she wakes to be fed around 6.30 to 7.30am.

She doesnt sleep much in the day, prob 3 40min naps, i dont let her nap past 3pm.

She has a dummy, sleeps in a cot in our room.

I've tried making it warmer/colder in the room, shushing, dummy, etc..

She is going into her own room next week and i cant wait.

I dont think controlled crying is cruel, crying doesnt harm babies and its never more than a whinge...albeit a noisey one!

Help me please.. i dont mid getting up at 5 every morning if i had to, but i never get back to sleep after she wakes at 3-4am!
Hi hun, sorry your having problems, lack of sleep is i nightmare i know. I have a 6 month old little girl now who fingers crossed is a good sleeper but i had similar problems as you with my son.

When she wakes at 3/4 do you ever offer any milk? I know you said its not hunger but when my daughter was waking a few weeks ago i would offer 3 oz and then put her light show on and she's sleep till 7.30. Im not sure she really needed that milk but without it she'd would chatter and moan till i got up. Eventually she dropped this herself.

Another factor could be the dummy?? Is she waking for this do you think? If not then it cant be that. If she does then you may need to things to replace the dummy with.

Or..could it be that shes waking more as she needs more milk/solids in the day?

I have to say that in the end with my son i had to go down the c.crying route. I did not leave him for more than a few minutes but never picked him up-just patted and shusshed him. First night took 40 minutes but i think i had an easier experience than some do on here as he never was hysterical and was sleeping through after the 2nd night..honestly. I say that as i remember thinking there was no way this would work!

Sorry if ive rambled..hope things improve soon :hug:

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