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Newborns lying flat


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Feb 16, 2007
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Does anyone know about newborns needing to lie flat on their backs (sorry for sounding so ignorant)? I was told by the lady in mothercare that the baby would need to lie flat in the pram to start with. Are car seats ok for the baby to be in for a while e.g. going to the supermarket and being put on the seat part of the trolley in the car seat? I am usually there for an hour and then it would be 20 mins in the car as well - just a bit worried that the baby would not be flat for this time. Help!!
when we ordered our pram the lady in the shop said that yes LO''s need to lie flat but as long as they are not in the car seat for longer than 3 hours at a time they are fine, i think everyone has a different opinion on this, im not worrying about it too much, as everyone has a different view on it
my MW told me the car seat is only suitable for up to 2 hours. we got told off coz we were putting millie in it thru the day coz she seemed to sleep better in it. but we were told we couldnt do that we had to keep her flat and only use the car seat for car journeys. :)
This is kinda what I was trying to ask in an earlier post too - what about long journeys in the car? My Mum lives 4 hours away!
Also if you choose to carry your baby in a sling surely they wouldnt be completely flat either?
V. confusing.....
I think the recommended time limit for a baby to be in a carseat is 2 hours max. If you're going to go on an occassional 4 hour car journey it should be ok, the baby is still gonna be safer in a carseat than not in one.
I think the advice is don't use the carseat unless you have to.

I have bought a jane matrix carseat because it can lie flat in the car and can also be used as a carrycot on the pram chassis.
My parents live 10 hours drive away so it will be useful when we visit them.

I don't know about slings, I never used one for James cos everytime I put him in it he cried.
:lol: I did think twice about it before posting myself! That last thread on this subject got a bit heated
Can't understand how a subject about a newborn lying flat could get heated?

Anyhoo I think the main cause of concern about babies being in car seats for too long is because it stops them from being able to breathe properly because of the way that they are sat. Some more info in the link below.

There is also more chance of them suffering from flat head syndrome if left in a car seat for too long.

The position a baby is in when in a sling is different than when they're in a car seat.
Yes I've heard that a baby should be in a car seat no longer than 2 hours without a break.. I'm not sure if a break of 15 mins is ok or whether that it needs to be longer :doh:

I'm sure an occasional 4 hour journey with a break in between would be fine ? :hug:
I heard (who knows where from though, so don't take this as 100% fact) that they should be in a car seat no more than 2 hours and would then need to lie flat for at least 30 mins. OHs parents live around 4 hours drive away so we kinda figuered we could drive half way, stop for a rest somewhere then drive the rest of the way. Or take the train (my preferred option as I get horribly car sick). I hope this helps - don't worry about the journey, just have a break on the way :D
Just use your common sense, if LO has to go in the car, they have to go in a car seat, if your journey is 4hrs and stopping half way feels the correct thing to do, do it, sometimes we have traffic, unforeseen circumstances, bad days, and these guidelines cannot always be adhered to. Isaac spent loads of time in a car seat during his first 6 months, he's perfectly healthy, and baby carriers are different yes, they move and mould to LO's shape and position, unlike a moulded car seat. Very best wishes loz, there's lots of issues that will continue to crop up about what's best for baby, usually Mummy is right, so do what you feel is best :hug: :hug: :hug:
Thanks everyone - that has reassured me. It is medical advice and I will bear in mind that the general consensus is 2 hours! :hug:
Wow arguments about babies lying flat??? Pregnancy does some odd things to people!! lol

All these 'guidelines' that are supposed to help us just seem to make everything harder dont they? I am sure our mothers and grandmothers didnt have all this 'help' and we all turned out ok... :D
clarey said:
Wow arguments about babies lying flat??? Pregnancy does some odd things to people!! lol

All these 'guidelines' that are supposed to help us just seem to make everything harder dont they? I am sure our mothers and grandmothers didnt have all this 'help' and we all turned out ok... :D

Heh but our mothers didn't really have baby carriers or baby car seats to contend with either until more recent times. Well those of us that are older at least :lol: As a baby I only had a huge pram then into a buggy thing, no car seat, no carrier, so it was flat or nothing at all when we were out until I could sit up on my own. My Mum walked everywhere or relied on public transport and things like shopping were done much more locally on an almost daily basis. Having to commute to shops and relatives etc was not really the usual done thing as people then still tended to live near where they grew up.

As ever, times keep changing though. I often wonder if I had to mange as my mother did with a baby back in the late 60's/early 70's I do wonder if life would be more simple and less stressed. Alas modern day living doesn't make it easy anymore, but I shall endevour to keep it simple as possible. My mind boggles now at all the info and the items we are told we need for a baby.

Cripes sometimes I feel so old :lol: :roll:
Hmmm reckon you're right Sherlock, been pushchair shopping today and it would be so much easier if someone would just say 'you need this for the first 12 months then one of these...' - job done!

Ungrateful wench I am, all this modern technology at my disposal :rotfl:

It was pointed out to me today that you would rarely have your baby in any one seat/position for longer than 2 hours anyway as they would need feeding/changing at some point, and the 2hr thing is just to discourage people from leaving their babies in infant carriers/car seats all day due to being so handy.
Seems to make sense to me, think I will stop stressing about it.....right what else can I find to worry about... :lol:

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