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MW home visit


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Sep 7, 2007
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The MW came to my house yestersday to chat about the home birth and we discussed the possible risks. There are a few but mostly to the mother and really umcommon. She said her transfer rate to the hospital was about 1 in 4 and almost everytime it was due to the mother being tired and needing extra support to make surer birth wasn't too prolonged. She has all the equipment and meds to deal with hemorage or baby's breathing issues and the baby's heart rate is continually monitored. So I now feel fine - quite positive about it actually :)

she also examined me and said that baby was fully engaged in the right postition and it should only be a couple of weeks at most- I need to get to 37 weeks though to qualify for home birth- so fingers crossed I last until then.
Sounds like a really postive visit!

good luck that LO stays put for the next week or so :pray: :hug:
i hate it when the mw tells u the risks.. its like they are trying to scare you.. if my mw starts im just gonan tell her i dont wanna know.. i have read all i need to and informing me of silly risks that probably wont happen is just stupid.. if something crops up during labor that mw sees is risky then i will listen to it then.
anna lives in spain

some midwives do call at your house if you find it hard to get to clinic or have to have bp taken daily etc...

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