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Aug 29, 2007
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I am waiting... not very patiently to feel some baby movement at the mo... but this morning when I was lying in bed (not wanting to get up at 6am) .. I felt a kind of movement..... like a slow "swoosh" . :oops: Does that even make sense??

I've not had any of the 'popping' that I've read on here about.. and this was on my left side, below belly button.. so near the top of my uterus..... ? Is this is? Or was it wind :shock:

Any pointers on what it feels like would be helpful please ladies..

ive felt a few weird movements but until I get really booted then Im not going to believe it :D

patiently waiting like you :fib:

I hardly felt a thing till 20 weeks and I've never felt a 'popping'. I think my little one is a wriggler rather than a kicker at the mo - what I do feel is mini wriggles and squirms!

It was at least a week from the first 'did I feel it?' moment to feeling something everyday or being really sure it was bub.
The first feelings I got was when you feel like your stomachs turning over with out the sicky feeling. I think its the baby doing somersaults. Now I'm feeling defininte kicks, ususally in an evening, in bed, lying on my left side??!! I also get a gentle kick if Im pressed up too close to the desk during the day!!LOL
i got a couple of pops first...then a very vague squirming that could have felt like excitement lol..now i get occassional tapping type feelings and more squriming
gymabeliz.. u're only about a week in front of me.. so hopefully I'll feel some more soon too :)

last week i literally only felt the first pop because i was awake in the night..and the second the same again i could easily have missed it. Even now the proper pop/taps are very occassional and would be easy to miss, although im getting the squirming a lot more this week. Im sure you'll feel something soon :)
I got a swoosh on my right side and kind of taps later at night when im lying on my back, half think it is wind my you :)
Hi there

Think i have only just felt mine move today. Almost like a little tapping below the bellybutton. Never felt anything like it before so its got to be her.

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