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Loss of appetite


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Nov 24, 2007
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Hi Everybody :wave:

I'm a newbie but been reading the website for months now. I was just wondering if anyone else has had a loss of appetite. I started to feel nauseous about week 9 and although thats long gone (fingers crossed) and I am now 18 weeks, I have never got my appetite back and just don't ever feel hungry. It's weird because I used to love my food and feel a bit left out that I'm not getting any cravings or anything :(
I used to feel exactly the same way... In fact I'd barely eat more than a meal a day, and when I got put on this strict diet, the amount of food on there was just too much... still is tbh... but over the past few days I've begun to feel more and more hungry probably because the baby is starting to demand more food... :think:

Btw... I live on the Costa Blanca too.. :) ... Pm me if you like...
I lost my appetite a few weeks ago but then it came back again and dwindled after a few days. This week I've been starving again but this weekend it's once again dwindled, although that could be due to stress from some stuff going on with my nephew...
i was still throwing up at 20 weeks lol but am eating loads more now and pilling on the some of the 2 stone i lost ! dont worry baby will take what ever it needs and just wont leave u with much !

i found soup a life saver btw , cos its uquick , doesnt feel like your eating loads but does the job too !
Thanks for the support glad it's not just me. I thought eating whatever you want was one of the perks of being pregnant :lol: typical of me to be the opposite to what you'd expect!

Hopefully I'll start to fell hungrier soon and put a bit of weight back on. Can't wait to be absolutley huge!!!!!

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