kicking off labour?


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Jun 10, 2007
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Dont know if this is a silly question, but things that are supposed to kick off labour, do they ever just kick of braxton hicks instead or anything?

Only I had sex with OH today (rare occurance!) And about an hour later I started getting pains that felt like period pains, they seem to have died off a bit now though which makes me think it was probs a false alarm but I thought something might have been happening at the time :shock:

So either it kicked off braxton hicks or it was a coincidence probably!
Yes I think they can do because nipple stimulation causes BH's as well
My preggy book says that orgasms can stimulate uterine contractions, but probably not the real ones!! I get loads and loads of period type cramps now almost every day, but can't really feel or tell if I'm having contractions. The midwife told me they can often go unnoticed by alot of people as they are not painful until they are labour contractions.
When I was due with my little boy my bloke wouldn't come near me so I indulged in a little DIY lol.
The next morning I went out for a drive in the country with my dad in his transit van and by that evening I was in labour. I honestly think it was a combination of the 2 thinks that started me off. x

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